Project management is at the heart of every organization. You would think that investment in the latest digital technology to help project managers would be a priority, right? Yet, this rarely seems to be the case. In this blog we will look at the technology used by project managers today, explain why accelerating project management is so important, and conclude that the latest resource management software can provide the solution that the modern-day business needs.

What’s in the bag, project managers?

There are hundreds of project management tools on the market for businesses to choose from. Traditionally, project managers have opted for large project portfolio management (PPM) solutions like Microsoft Project, but often these solutions don’t keep up with the pace of modern business. These solutions don’t offer the functionality required to carry out resource management, resulting in project managers relying on Excel for managing resources.

Another option, popular in the modern age of SaaS applications, is task management apps, like Asana, Basecamp or Trello. And, although these apps are useful for small teams, they fail to offer any level of sophistication that goes beyond basic task management – these tools are great for keeping track of who’s doing what and when, and assigning work, but that’s it; there’s no capability to monitor resources closely with the detail that is required for advanced project management.

What’s required for project success?

If elevating and accelerating project management is your goal, then you need technology that:

  • Gives you insights to make the right choices
  • Offers full visibility over resources
  • Helps you deal with the unexpected in real-time
  • Allows for agile working
  • Predicts future outcomes
  • Allows for collaboration

What is required is a solution that gives you 100% visibility and control over your resources. Because this is where the success or failure of your projects lies. Projects live or die on a project manager’s ability to optimise resource allocation. Are the right people with the right skills working on the right project for the right amount of time? To be able to make decisions like this, you need tools that help you dive into the heart of your resources in real-time and provide the capabilities to move them around, to try this, to try that, to see what happens, and make an informed decision based on your findings. Testing out possible scenarios in a risk-free environment is key. This is the only way to succeed in the fast-paced modern world of work.

Do traditional PPM tools and popular task management apps do enough in these areas?

Microsoft Project, for instance, is powerful, offers an enormous range of functionality and integrates with Office 365 to provide great collaboration. However, its size and sheer breadth also work against it in many ways. With so many different dimensions to it, it is unwieldy and difficult for most users to master. Although it can provide powerful insights, these advanced features are unintuitive. What’s more, it offers little when it comes to managing resources, which leaves users with little option but to use Excel for allocating resources. While Excel has many uses, it remains an unsophisticated resource management kit, with poor visibility and limited functionality.

Task management apps may be popular, but they do very little to aid in any of these areas.

Accelerating project management with Tempus Resource

Tempus Resource is a resource management solution fit for the modern workplace because it prioritizes resource management. There are four areas where Tempus Resource proves to be the solution of choice for forward-thinking project management teams. These are:

  • Visibility – Tempus Resource gives you 100% visibility over your resources with real-time reporting and modelling, so that you can see exactly what is going on at any one time. Heatmaps and cool maps give an instant indication of resource utilization, so that you can see immediately where changes can be made to optimize resources.
  • Forecasting – Sophisticated forecasting tools like ‘what-if’ analysis allow project managers to manipulate resource data in a risk-free environment to test possible scenarios and predict future outcomes. This way they can plan thoroughly and be prepared for every eventuality.
  • Flexibility – It is when the unexpected occurs and a project breaks down that a project manager is really put through their paces. Tempus Resource offers the flexibility for project managers to react in real-time to challenges as and when they occur in a way that simply isn’t possible with Microsoft Project or Excel. Resource modelling allows users to interact with resource data, move it and around, and see the impact of changes in real-time.
  • Integration – For teams that rely on Microsoft Project, or other solutions, for particular areas of project management, Tempus Resource can be integrated seamlessly to provide extra functionality. This allows project managers to utilize Tempus Resource’s advanced resource management functionality and import data quickly and easily in to Microsoft Project.


To find out more about Tempus Resource or how accelerating project management can help your organization adapt to the modern world of business, get in touch with us at ProSymmetry today.