Heat-check your resource allocation

Heatmaps and coolmaps provide a visual representation of your resource capacity, so you can identify the under or over allocation of resources and plan ahead for the most efficient and effective way to get your projects done.

An added layer to scenario planning

Heatmaps and coolmaps work alongside scenario planning in Tempus Resource, letting users visualize maps by role, department, or skill, and drill down into individual resources.

Advanced allocation

Coolmaps show you open capacity, so you can accurately gauge the under- or over-allocation of your resources, either by hours, FTE, or FTE%.

Real-time updates

When you amend your projects (cost, people, timelines, etc.) Tempus’ Delta View will update in real-time so you can see whether you have the capacity to make changes.

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Scenario planning

Unique scenario planning lets you pre-empt inevitable project changes and make better decisions.

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Marry up employee timesheets with project plans to make better time estimations.

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Effortless reporting

Produce resource allocation reports to answer those all-important questions from your boss and reap the cost savings.

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