Optimizing all your Excel data

Project managers are starting to realize that Excel isn’t cut out for sophisticated resource management. With Tempus Resource, you can import your Excel data quickly and with ease to immediately start applying advanced resource management techniques.

Full-scale Excel integration

Excel remains immensely popular, meaning many project and resource manager’s data already resides on the platform. Tempus Resource can import all your Excel data in a snap.

Import templates

Import templates make excel integration extremely simple. Once your data is imported, it’s automatically structured in the project view, where you can organize and update it.

Audit and collision detection

Tempus Resource includes collision detection and audit details for each and every data import you make, helping you keep track of where your data is at all times.

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Extensive platform integration

Tempus Resource is compatible with the world’s most popular PPM and RPM platforms.

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Direct data input

Add, edit, and manage your data directly through Tempus Resource’s innovative user interface.

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Effortless reporting

Produce resource allocation reports to answer those all-important questions from your boss and reap the cost savings.

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