Direct data input

Input your resource data directly into Tempus Resource

The resource functionality you need, at your fingertips. Using Tempus Resource as your standalone resource management solution, inputting your data is quick and easy, so you can take immediate advantage of your resource data.

Tempus Resource

Create and edit resources

Creating and editing resources can be done in a few clicks. Specify user name, identity, and capacity, or add custom fields.

Resource catalog

Your resource data is maintained in a central catalog where you can view and edit them individually or in bulk, and use custom views to find what you need, fast.

Tempus Resource
Tempus Resource

Demand planning

Create Demand Planning Resources early in the planning process to avoid inaccurate or artificial resource forecasting.

Calendars & administrative time

Establish ‘non-working’ times to yield your Net Capacity and gain a more accurate view of your resources’ actual working hours.

Tempus Resource

Discover more Tempus Resource features

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Extensive platform integration

Tempus Resource is compatible with the world’s most popular PPM and RPM platforms.

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Scenario planning

Unique scenario planning lets you pre-empt inevitable project changes and make better decisions.

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Microsoft Excel & Tempus Resource

Tempus Resource automatically structures your imported Excel data, so you can immediately take action.

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