Effortless reporting

A project reporting tool to fit your project specifics

Tempus Resource has your project and resource reporting needs covered. Whether you need to export to Excel or require complex Resource Allocation Reports, Tempus is a project reporting tool that provides unparalleled reporting capabilities for more insight than ever.

Tempus Resource

User-friendly reporting

Tempus Resource reports use a drag-and-drop interface, meaning you can create advanced, engaging reports without design or coding experience.

PivotGrid & PivotChart

Create PivotGrid and PivotChart reports from live data or available models. A variety of customization options grant you full control, and reports can be exported to Excel or PDF.

Tempus Resource
Tempus Resource

RAR Grid & RAR Chart

Resource Allocation Reports let you choose your allocation data—planned, actual, or remaining values—to fit your project plan, and Tempus Resource will automatically render your report

Integrated reporting

Take your reporting to the next level by replacing spreadsheets with sophisticated and visually-appealing reports that answer all your questions

Tempus Resource
Tempus Resource


Fully interactive dashboards allow you to compare and contrast the data from your reports and drill down into selected data for added insight.

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Temperature mapping

Heatmaps and coolmaps provide visually engaging insight into the over- and under-allocation of your resources.

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Marry up employee timesheets with project plans to make better time estimations.

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Direct data input

Add, edit, and manage your data directly through Tempus Resource’s innovative user interface.

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