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7 Biggest Mistakes Resource Managers Make

July 19, 2019 | By Sean Pales

As a resource manager, you likely thrive in tackling the daily tasks of assessing the capacity needs of your portfolio, as well as assigning and tracking the progress of your teams of resources. Although resource managers are masters of their craft – planning, implementing, and overseeing the execution of resource needs for a full portfolio of projects – they are bound to make mistakes from time to time. They are human, after all, but it’s important to note some missteps are more costly than others.

Here, we recognize the 7 biggest mistakes resource managers make that may not show up on a punch list, but require full attention and constructive solutions.

1) Not delegating

While it can be tempting to proceed and execute all your carefully laid plans, you’re part of a team for a reason. Consuming tasks of others that fall outside your post hinders your own productivity and doesn’t serve the organization long term. Stick to your role, trust your resources, and keep the lines of communication open to ensure they have the freedom to ask questions about your direction and for you to be able to course-correct if necessary.

2) Underestimating and overpromising

When adding a new project to your portfolio, get a handle on realistic deadlines, budgets, and resources needed before making any promises to the client. Be honest about their expectations and upfront about where their project falls in your list of priorities. This approach can feel intimidating when leadership requests the project, but lean on your data to accurately communicate your current capacity and limitations.

3) Ignoring the data

Resource managers have plenty of reasons to trust their gut, but experienced ones support their instincts with tangible evidence as to why a project can or cannot be successful. Access data from past projects with similar budgets, timelines, resources needed, and challenges you may have faced. Utilize resource management software that maintains this historic information in one, seamless platform to easily reference this data at any given time.

4) Not utilizing resource management software

Too many variables exist in a resource manager’s workload to operate without an integrated resource management tool. By employing one platform to access everything from timesheets to reporting functions and long-term resource forecast planning, you and decision makers have the ability to view every piece of a portfolio’s current and potential resource capacity all in one place.

5) Bypassing project forecast planning

Resource managers pour their energy into their active portfolio projects, but day-to-day operations tend to take precedent over planning for hypothetical scenarios. Performing real-time modeling with your organization’s current data allows you to see the potential impact of changing various project factors, such as skill sets, deadlines, and budgets. Prioritizing the creation of these scenarios equips you to plan far beyond your next deadline.

6) Losing sight of the goal

Workdays slip away when you’re swallowed up by shifting schedules, unexpected resource variables, and client requests for changes. Pressure mounts in the rush to meet a deadline, but evolving logistics – driven by you or the client – may stray from the project’s original purpose. Keep revisiting the “why” of a project with the client and your resources executing it to maintain an intentional focus on the desired outcome.

7) Not asking for help

As a resource manager, you are trusted to oversee a portfolio of projects and their respective resources for the necessary growth and success of your company. Given that responsibility, don’t be afraid to ask for the things you need to be successful. Whether that’s a more robust software program, clearer communication, or respect of you and your resources’ time regarding project deadlines and expectations, speak up. You deserve the support to do your best work.

Erase Mistakes with Tempus Resource

Many resource manager slip-ups can be sidestepped altogether by partnering with the right resource management software tool. A stand-out in the resource management software industry, Tempus Resource’s unique product offering specifically serves resource managers worldwide. Its streamlined interface with real-time, concurrent editing capabilities, innovative reporting features, and the first-of-its-kind What-if Analysis tool, which provides a safe space for an organization to conduct in-depth resource forecast planning, results in fewer errors and more successes for resource managers and their teams.

No one is perfect, but Tempus Resource can help you strive for it. For more ways Tempus Resource software can help resource managers avoid mistakes, reach out to a member of our team today.

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