A Unified Resource Management Solution

July 15, 2020 | By Tempus Resource

Tempus Resource 2020 Conference Recap: Eric Qin, Qualcomm

Four years ago, Qualcomm Technologies was in search of a unified resource management solution for its entire enterprise. The semiconductor technology company that designs the chips in most cell phones has been the leading technology provider of 2G through 5G. Eric Qin, Director of Engineering, describes Qualcomm’s search, implementation, and the results of choosing Tempus Resource. In a company with over 30,000 engineers, groups organically developed isolated processes that eventually needed to be unified. Teams were using different databases, systems, and tooling—some homegrown and some third-party. This kind of disparate work led to a lack of higher-level project reporting, inability to rollout new projects effectively, and lack of company-level forecasting for roadmaps.

When leaders came together to seek a solution, their success criteria were ambitious. They needed to provide clear insights into non-recurring engineering costs, integrate multiple systems (including HR, finance, product, and projects), and automate project management and engineering operations for peak productivity. Qualcomm wanted enterprise-level, real-time reporting, improved long-term road mapping, and what-if modeling at every level.

Solution Architecture

The innovative architecture, Eric explains, seamlessly integrated Tempus into their existing systems, then further blended with homegrown Qualcomm tools. One such homegrown tool is a three-tiered application called Tempus Extension Portal used to perform bulk operations, more complex cloning, and other functions that are Qualcomm specific. Additionally, the Tempus database is linked directly to Qualcomm’s data warehouse, an aggregate of resource, product, project, and finance data. Most impressive is the custom reporting function that takes data from all the integrated Qualcomm systems to produce complex and high-value reporting, at any level or enterprise-wide.

Three Year Review

After over three years, it’s clear that Tempus was the right pick for Qualcomm. “This solution streamlined the data flow, improved productivity, and provided insights to help business decisions,” Eric affirms.

Integration was seamless and turned out to be as crucial as anticipated. “No one has time to do manual, repetitive work,” Eric states. Integration and API automation means an end-to-end solution that performs bulk operations and greatly enhances productivity. Additionally, Tempus provides for consistent company-level rollup with the right amount of flexibility to give every business unit custom fields and workflows to meet their unique needs.

We appreciate Eric Qin for leading us through Qualcomm’s journey to an integrated, enterprise-level resource management solution. We’re sure many others hoping to see the same impressive gains at their own organizations will benefit from Eric’s wisdom and experience.

You can watch Eric’s full presentation below:

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