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Create a Climate for Project Portfolio Success

August 4, 2020 | By Sean Pales

A climate of trust and collaboration is the foundation for project portfolio success and ultimate strategic flexibility. If your leaders and teams are open to change, reflective, and constantly learning, they will perform at their best, and you’ll reap added benefits like improved stakeholder perceptions and shorter time between deliverables.

Here are five markers of a climate designed for project portfolio success:

  • A culture of trust established through regular information sharing among teams and transparent inter-project communications.
  • Quality of time, perceived by team members who don’t feel rushed, are kept fully informed, and who feel their work is prioritized.
  • Collaboration that balances direct oversight with individual autonomy in workers’ own areas.
  • Transparency about project interdependencies, changes, progress, and feedback.
  • A Portfolio Review Board made up of an executive-level team to help make portfolio decisions and collaboratively consider wide-ranging impact factors across the entire portfolio.

In the end, managing resources is about more than assigning bodies to tasks. It’s also about building a culture that prioritizes the people who get the work done and knowing the right time and place for their skills.

Read our white paper, “Strategic Decision-Making for Dynamic Project Portfolio Management,” to learn more about the ways your organization can be prepared to respond to dynamic demands of managing a project portfolio.

Abstract: Project Portfolio Management today must be highly responsive, especially because decisions on project priority and funding directly impact organizational success. PPM decision-making, however, is a deeply complex process with many environmental and human factors that can either boost an organization’s bottom line or derail it. When we understand PPM as a dynamic, sometimes even volatile process, requiring constant flexibility, it’s clear that we must enhance and support the PMOs’ decision-making in as many ways as possible. The decision-enhancing strategies presented in this paper have all demonstrated the positive organizational impact of continuously gathering and strategically incorporating data into every decision.

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