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How Resource Management can Transform Project Management in the Healthcare Industry

May 28, 2018 | By Greg Bailey

Today’s post will cover some of the productivity issues faced by the healthcare industry in terms of managing projects and resources. The healthcare industry is undergoing a major digital transformation—new technology can help provide a better service to patients. But how project management in the healthcare industry can be improved is just as important because it enables employees across an organization to work to the best of their ability.

In healthcare, the stakes are often higher for project success even if the project goal has nothing to do with patients directly. It’s critical then that the project management office has the best possible tools at their disposal. And a tool specifically designed to help manage project resources optimally should be first on the list.

There are often specific challenges to successful project management in the healthcare industry. These challenges include:

  • A very busy, non-stop environment
  • High stake work
  • Strict regulations
  • Detailed projects

Let’s look at these challenges in more detail and how a sophisticated resource management solution like Tempus Resource can help you overcome them.

Non-stop environment

In other industries making changes to IT usually results in considerable downtime, especially as software solutions are updating. But downtime is a side effect that cannot be afforded in the healthcare industry. Hospitals don’t close over the weekend or at night, so a challenge for any IT team trying to update tools is finding the right time to do it. Another aspect of this non-stop environment is how project priorities can change at the last minute due to patient needs.

Why Tempus Resource is useful:

Tempus Resource is a browser-based solution that is ready to go as soon as you need it. It can be rolled out across a healthcare organization quickly without causing downtime or too much disruption to on-going project processes. In-built templates make it a straightforward task to move current projects into the solution, so you can carry on important work without halting project progress. It’s also simple to learn, so your team can get up to speed more quickly than they might with larger, more complex project management solutions.

Practically speaking, Tempus Resource is a solution that enables sophisticated modelling with ‘what-if’ analysis, allowing you to test and predict future outcomes in a risk-free environment, which is perfect for an environment where project priorities can change at the last minute. Resources (the employees, budget and materials required to complete a project) can be moved around in real-time, allowing project managers to respond to unexpected changes.

High stake work

Because of the nature of the work, employees at a hospital often prioritize the result over the process. Improving a patient’s hospital experience—which is ultimately the bottom line of almost any project—means the method of completing a project can take a back seat to get a project ‘over the line’. As well as this, employees (especially those who have worked at an organization for a long time) who are used to a process can be difficult to convince when it comes to updating the tools they are asked to use. This can pose a problem because without the buy-in from your employees your efforts at instigating adoption will be almost impossible.

Why Tempus Resource is useful:

Tempus Resource can help hospitals and other healthcare institutions get a better overall view of their project resources as well as update their day-to-day processes. But more importantly it can be deployed and learned with minimum fuss so that your project team see results quickly. If your resources are fully optimized, you reduce wasted time, efficiency levels go up, and productivity is increased. This naturally helps get that important buy-in from stakeholders and increases adoption levels.

Strict regulations

The healthcare industry is a highly regulated industry. Project processes that are universal can come under even more scrutiny when you are dealing with people’s health. For example, when healthcare institutions hold large databases of personally identifiable information (PII) of their patients, managing the lifecycle of this information can be a challenge when it comes to governance and compliance.

Why Tempus Resource is useful:

Because of the complexity of regulations, the ability to streamline project processes is crucial. Tempus Resource provides extensive visibility over your project resources. In the context of regulations, for example, this enables you to put the appropriate people in the right positions when it comes to completing sensitive tasks. Seeing how your resources are allocated also allows you to concentrate on making sure your project remains compliant with state, local, and federal regulations.

Optimize project management in the healthcare industry with Tempus Resource

Even in 2018 there are healthcare companies that continue to use out-of-date tools for resource management. The problem with a lot of these tools is they often struggle to keep up with the pace of business today. That can cause information silos and delays that infect wider parts of the organization. For healthcare organizations this can have much more serious consequences than going over budget.

Tempus Resource enables far more powerful, efficient, and easy-to-use tools so that decisions around resource allocation are informed and always based on up-to-the-minute information.

With Tempus Resource, you get:

  • Powerful ‘what if’ analysis
  • Sophisticated modelling and forecasting
  • Real-time reporting
  • A ready-to-use browser-based platform
  • The ability to add and import data seamlessly

If you are searching for ways to improve your resource management in your healthcare organization, Tempus resource is available to deploy right now.

To find out more about Tempus Resource and how the solution can drive digital transformation at your healthcare organization, get in contact with ProSymmetry today.

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