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How to Gain Buy-In for a New Resource Management Solution

September 2, 2020 | By Samantha Varner

Read our previous posts about iART’s resource management pain points and how they adopted and assessed Tempus Resource.

From the beginning of their adoption of Tempus Resource, iART users described Tempus as “low threshold” and “as easy to use as Excel.” Nevertheless, Christian Rickenbacher, iART’s Process Manager, knew that a tool is only as good as its level of user acceptance.

Rickenbacher emphasizes that user acceptance must be constantly promoted, beyond the basics of user training. For example, listening to the optimizations that users ask for allowed iART to take immediate action and boost buy-in.

Moreover, iART realized they needed to use the tool itself to help users increase acceptance. One way they accomplished this was by sending an automated email to project owners prior to weekly meetings. By communicating resource planning needs for the next two weeks in a condensed, one-page checklist, project owners see action items and data coming from Tempus, and thereby increase their use and acceptance.

With full buy in and implementation complete, iART began to see the results they’d hoped for, like keeping workload constant and having one single source of truth for resources and projects. Rickenbacher sums up the first four months of going live with Tempus Resource enthusiastically. “Resource management became much less abstract and much more comprehensible. It’s amazing how many new features have been released so far—features we would not even have thought about in the beginning, but now are able to selectively utilize.”

iART’s ongoing task is to ensure all users are satisfied, experiencing benefits, and adapting to new technologies, to the point where users are engaging with Tempus intuitively. “In the future,” says Rickenbacher, “we want to do complete project financial planning, since Tempus offers a good solution for that.”

Read the full case study for more about iART’s resource management pain points, implementation process for Tempus Resource, and additional benefits of optimized resource management.

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