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Spreadsheets’ Long Legacy of Failures

September 26, 2020 | By Samantha Varner

A single spreadsheet error, usually occurring within a single cell, is responsible for countless business horror stories, including a mistaken overpurchase of $24 million and the sale of 10,000 nonexistent tickets to the Olympics.

“1 in 5 large businesses has suffered financial losses due to spreadsheet errors.

1 in 3 large businesses report poor decision making as a result of spreadsheet problems.”


Yet businesses continue to rely on them, often because they’re simple, and despite the many known failure points in security, transparency, and bias.

A widespread issue

Spreadsheet makers know how problematic their products are. It’s why there are dozens of websites dedicated to time-consuming and complicated workarounds and troubleshooting forums that outsource solutions to users.

The problem isn’t the user. The real problems are all ingrained within the spreadsheet program itself.

The bottom line is that spreadsheets are risky, and users don’t actually like them. Now, compound spreadsheets’ ordinary shortcomings with the complex and dynamic needs of a resource manager, and bigger, more costly issues arise.

Leaving spreadsheets behind

Read ProSymmetry’s full list of Reasons to Avoid Spreadsheets in Resource Management to learn more about the kinds of tools resource managers really need and why they can’t be found in spreadsheets.

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