[Video] Best Practices in Forecasting and Capacity Planning Webcast Replay

Proactively defining future resource needs can make-or-break a project’s success, yet many of the organizations we talk to say they still struggle in this area.

If you’re ready to learn how to reliably forecast future resource needs for your organization, tune in to the replay of our highly-informative webcast where Randy Mysliviec of the Resource Management Institute and Greg Bailey of Tempus Resource reveal strategies that have the power to transform resource-driven organizations.

Do you ever find yourself thinking…

“With constantly changing priorities, it’s hard to get reliable insight on potential projects.”

“It’s difficult to keep our staffing plan up-to-date with changes to in-flight projects.”

“Project definition is not always precise from a resourcing point of view.”

“The project pipeline doesn’t include possible extensions to existing, in-flight projects.”

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right spot. Catch the webcast replay to hear from the experts and learn today’s best practices in forecasting and capacity planning.

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