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Why It’s Important to Have Your Resource Portfolio Management in One Place

June 6, 2019 | By Sean Pales

Even for large organizations with hundreds or thousands of resources, it’s not uncommon for their resource portfolio management (RPM) to be housed in multiple files on multiple computers across multiple platforms. While it may seem easier to continue operating in this way because “that’s how it’s always been done,” transitioning to a single platform where every facet of your RPM can coexist will bring benefits worth much more than your comfort zone.

Here, we talk about the Five Cs of why a single umbrella beats being left out in the rain.


Adopting a cloud-based platform allows for real-time edits to every piece of your RPM operation. Because of this, information is always the most up-to-date for anyone working within the platform at any given time. Individual Excel documents or tracking tools on different computers are unable to speak to each other, making it confusing to keep up with what information is most accurate. The cloud feature takes out the guesswork and guarantees you’re working with the timeliest information across all shifts – and time zones.


Naturally, having all aspects of your organization’s RPM easily accessible under one platform saves time chasing down multiple documents. Instead of relying on already-outdated spreadsheets sent over from fellow colleagues or hopping in and out of different software programs to input data, a comprehensive platform stores all the information you need just clicks away from each other to compare and contrast resource allocation records, project budgets and timelines, or to even test long-term hypotheses for future scenarios.


When your resources are working in various locations around the globe, teamwork is crucial. With your RPM functions all in one place, colleagues can pick up right where another manager left off and have access to pertinent information documented by other teams. Additionally, concurrent editing allows multiple team members to conduct data entry duties or resource planning simultaneously without disrupting one another’s workflow, creating a seamless, steady process.


Each function of your RPM works together – it should look like they do, too. While your team may be tracking similar data using Excel files, for example, each individual has their own unique style of organizing their information. On top of that, if your company uses a variety of tracking tools, layouts and formatting will inherently be different. Instead, a single umbrella platform provides consistency across the board. Not only is an all-inclusive platform more visually appealing, it reduces confusion when it comes time to interpret the information when everything is tracked, recorded, and reported in the same way.


Timesheets, daily portfolio data, and resource forecast planning just mere tabs from each other provides a complete picture of your RPM efforts. With disjointed tracking and data saved in multiple places, envisioning the full scope of your organization’s current state and where it is headed is difficult to grasp. When all factors can be sitting out in front of you, challenges, solutions, and opportunities become much more evident.

Tempus Resource’s One-Stop Shop for Resource Portfolio Management

The leader in resource management software, Tempus Resource provides a platform for companies looking to streamline their RPM efforts and make smarter, more informed decisions about the future. With the familiarity of Excel and built-in connectors to Smartsheet, Workfront, Microsoft Project, and One2Team, to name a few, Tempus Resource has created easy pathways for organizations to shift from their current data tracking habits to Tempus Resource’s all-in-one resource management platform.

Features like real-time, concurrent editing, a sleek, intuitive user-interface, and advanced reporting capabilities are just a handful of innovative functions provided under one, uniform roof to house all your RPM functions. Unlike any software provider on the market, Tempus Resource offers a unique What-if Analysis tool that allows companies to use their current data – without altering it – to test future scenarios in a risk-free environment. This capability, living alongside all other components of an organization’s RPM, gives decision makers all the necessary information to lead their companies in the right direction.

Interested in consolidating your documents, tools, and platforms into one that can manage them all? Contact us today to learn more about how Tempus Resource can be a helpful fit for your resource portfolio management needs.

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