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Why Tempus Resource is a Perfect Fit for R&D Organizations

June 12, 2019 | By Sean Pales

The art of research and development can be seen and felt in everything we do. It is a practice driven by informed forward-thinking, resourcefulness, and precision in order to create new – or improve existing – products, services, and processes. In such a competitive field of creators and innovators, program and portfolio managers who oversee research and development must seek support systems that will set their organizations apart to achieve short-term and long-term success.

Research and development professionals are masters of efficiency, but mapping out the most effective routes to successfully execute projects relies heavily on the tools available to create the master plan. Here, we share why resource management software from Tempus Resource is ideal for portfolio managers in research and product development departments and organizations.

Feels like Excel

Research and development portfolio managers look to their data to inform their next business decisions, and this wealth of information is frequently housed in Excel spreadsheets. With the knowledge that Excel is commonplace, Tempus Resource capitalizes on that familiarity worldwide. The platform was specifically designed to mimic Excel for easy integration and transition to Tempus Resource’s more robust product offerings. Tempus Resource elevates Excel’s basic data entry and modeling features with valuable enhancements like concurrent editing and intuitive, drag-and-drop report building.

Built for efficiency

Whether designing a higher quality product or paving a shorter, smoother process for a service offering, research and development experts require reliable, time-saving tools to track their progress and plan for the future. Tempus Resource understands the demands of a portfolio manager’s work load, which is why all of its service components exist under one, easy-to-use platform. Instead of tracking information in multiple places, everything from timesheets, resource allocation, modeling, and reporting can be accessed within the same portal. Tempus Resource’s user-friendly interface allows for quick data entry and seamless integration of each facet of its platform.


Innovation is a global effort, a reality in which research and development organizations are highly invested. Tempus Resource serves customers with multiple sites across the world – the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, India, and China, to name a few. In order for these companies to effectively forecast and allocate thousands of their resources, Tempus Resource provides convenient, cloud-based access to its platform so changes to current or future projects can be made in real time from research labs and development facilities worldwide.

Planning is priority

In a field where accuracy is vital, using your company’s most up-to-date data is crucial for planning for the future. Tempus Resource’s unique What-if Analysis tools give portfolio managers a risk-free space to manipulate their current data – without making permanent changes – to test potential scenarios by altering a variety of factors of a project. These may include specific skillsets allocated to a project, deadlines, budgets, or other relevant factors. Trending variables like an increasingly competitive labor market for skilled resources and the constant evolution of technology make precise forecasting all the more important to account for these unknowns.

Always innovating

Much like research and development professionals, Tempus Resource is constantly looking for ways to create smart, efficient solutions for their customers. Due to the nature of the ever-changing technology landscape, Tempus Resource regularly updates their software products and makes these upgrades available to their customers as soon as they’re thoroughly developed. With Tempus Resource, research and development leaders choose to partner with like-minded critical thinkers who value the effort to keep perfecting their products and services every day.

A research and development leader’s big-picture mindset fuels ideas about product innovation, business strategy, and ways their organization can continue to thrive for years to come. To ensure their strategic, multi-year plans for the future stay on track, decision-makers require tools that provide tangible indicators that will assist them in accurately forecasting for future opportunities.

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