Tempus Resource’s Smartsheet integrations allow you to enhance and extend the popular cloud-based project management platform to support resource management.

Web-based project management platforms are gaining popularity. With an increase in companies moving to the cloud, as well as company teams collaborating across continents, it’s no surprise that work management systems like Smartsheet are becoming the project management solution of choice for many firms.

Smartsheet is easy to use, quick to deploy and cost effective. However, on its own, Smartsheet may not offer the full power that more sophisticated organizations need for successful project portfolio management.

That’s why the platform includes a host of integrations to up its capability. And Tempus Resource’s Smartsheet integrations will allow you to get the most out of your investment.

A smart choice for your teams

Smartsheet is an SaaS app built for collaboration, work planning and project management. It’s used to build projects, assign tasks, track project progress, manage calendars, share documents and manage other work. It’s designed with a simple user interface to help all users manage project work in an organized and transparent manner.

In the world of project management, platforms like Smartsheet are a godsend. The intuitive interface helps users configure, adapt and improve their work processes; real-time visibility gives users a better overview of tasks that need to be completed, who is working on what, and when deadlines are set. It helps increase the agility of workers—speeding up the follow-through of tasks and improving collaboration across the organization, eliminating work silos and other barriers to productivity.

The resource gaps in Smartsheet

The benefits on offer for project managers using Smartsheet is the driving force behind its popularity. But an area where Smartsheet falls short is resource capacity management. This may not be a problem if you are small organization. But as you grow, you may discover its shortcomings.

Smartsheet doesn’t operate with a centralized resource catalog which is a problem when you need an overview of the skills, roles and departments you have at your disposal. This means that it becomes a serious challenge to form a clear picture of your resource supply and demand allocations or your demand and supply over time. The platform also fails to provide resource forecasting functionality—being able to discover (and anticipate) alternatives to resource decisions is a central piece of efficient and effective resource management.

Six Smartsheet integrations with Tempus Resource

Tempus Resource, a specialized resource management tool, makes life easier for project and resource managers working with Smartsheet. You can utilize Smartsheet and Tempus Resource to get a granular view of your resource management. With Smartsheet integrations, you can use Tempus Resource as the decision-making lens for your resource management and benefit from the following features:

  1. Dynamic, scalable API

As a resource management solution, Tempus Resource is fully functional—it has all the tools a project manager might need to make the most of their resources. Yet, business solutions are becoming more integrated across the board. To stay relevant, software solutions need to be able to keep up. Tempus Resource’s scalable API means you can operate your Smartsheet task list within the project management solution’s environment to get an even more organized setup for your project.

  1. Centralized project inventory

Understanding your resource inventory is central to resource management. This is where you can identify who you have available for the various tasks you need completed. Tempus Resource provides a centralized inventory of resources so you can plan to put the right skills in the right place for specific tasks.

  1. Unified resource catalogue

Forming a clear picture of your resource supply and demand means you can calculate base capacity and your available supply, plus you can predict resource supply and demand over time. This allows you to make better assumptions and make the most informed choices.

  1. Improved reporting

Project management is all about reports. Status updates, risk reports, and of course resource reports. Tempus Resource uses drag-and-drop interfaces to make reporting easy, flexible and powerful.

  1. What-if analysis

Ask questions of your data and projects with ‘What-If’ Analysis: test ideas and see how changes will impact your costs, timelines and efficiency. Import your data from Smartsheet into Tempus Resource and run a variety of simulations to understand the outcome of your decisions before you make them.

  1. Concurrent data manipulation

Tempus Resource allows for concurrent data manipulation so you can amend the allocation of your resources without encroaching on anyone else in your team or project. Concurrent editing in Tempus Resource offers project managers additional flexibility and usability.

A powerful combination

Smartsheet is a great standalone solution, but paired with Tempus Resource its potential goes much further. For more information about how Tempus Resource integrates with and extends Smartsheet to make your project manager’s life far easier, get in touch with ProSymmetry today.