Easily input, manipulate, and manage your resources in one place

Capture Forecasts, Demand, Allocation, Planned and Actual
Data in Hours, Cost, FTE and FTE %


An easy way to capture my resource management data

Companies such as Dell, Qualcomm, Siemens, and NASA trust in Tempus Resource for their resource portfolio management. No tool comes close to the purpose-built resource management interfaces of Tempus Resource. Built from the ground-up to allow for simple and easy data capture.
  • Centralized Resources
  • Resource editing
  • Intuitive UI
  • Control
  • Flexibility

Centralized Resources

Create and edit resources from within Tempus Resource, that are stored in your resource catalog.

Resource editing

View and edit your resources en masse from your resource catalog. Whether you have 10 resources or 10,000, managing them is easy.

Intuitive UI

Tempus’s user interface makes resource editing simple, even for complex sets of data. Create and edit resources in a few clicks


Create Demand Planning Resources to standardize resource capacity and prevent over- or under-estimation when resource planning.


Deploy in the cloud or on-premises—whichever suits your standalone resource management needs.

See for yourself why Tempus Resource is different