Extensive platform integration

Bridging your company resource management data

Tempus Resource offer the most comprehensive selection of integrated resource management options on the market. Wherever your data is currently stored, Tempus Resource can harness it to give you advanced insight and management of your resources.

Tempus Resource

Flexible architecture

The Tempus Resource architecture is built around bridging resource management with popular PPM tools, allowing customers to integrate their current system into Tempus with ease.

Integrated your way

Tempus is not an ‘all-or-nothing’ tool. Users can utilize the software in the way that suits them—using the tool as a decision-making lens over their current project data.

Tempus Resource
Tempus Resource

Scalable API

Tempus Resource lets you build your own integrations on its API, so you have every integrated resource management option available to you.

Microsoft Excel integrated resource management

Tempus Resource offers comprehensive integration with Excel to make data import easy, so you can start advanced management of your resources right away.

Tempus Resource

Discover more Tempus Resource features

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Scenario planning

Unique scenario planning lets you pre-empt inevitable project changes and make better decisions.

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Direct data input

Add, edit, and manage your data directly through Tempus Resource’s innovative user interface.

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Microsoft Excel & Tempus Resource

Tempus Resource automatically structures your imported Excel data, so you can immediately take action.

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