What can Tempus Resource do for you?

Every organization understands the critical need to manage resource but often the tools that are made available to them make that a challenge. It's difficult to get data in and the ability to create scenarios is often lacking and what ends up happening is we end up with a tool that tells us what we already know. Tempus resource helps you overcome these challenges!

The flexibility of testing out and preparing for different scenarios

Reports that fit the needs of your project. Targeting live data or existing models.

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How can we help you with Resource Management?

I need an easy way to capture my resource management data

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I need a better way to leverage my Excel data for Resource Management

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I need a better way to answer my resource management questions using my PPM tool

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Tempus Resource simplifies data capture and delivers value rapidly

Other tools just don’t deliver Resource Management capabilities. Tempus Resource is a purpose built resource management solution. Resource capacity planning and what-if analysis are built into the DNA of Tempus Resource. Rapidly import your data and then instantly access resource management reporting and scenario planning. Achieve an unmatched time-to-value.

Tempus Resource features

Effortless reporting

Produce resource allocation reports to answer those all-important questions from your boss and reap the cost savings.

Scenario planning

Unique scenario planning lets you pre-empt inevitable project changes and make better decisions.

Resource requests

Resource requests help you get your resources in the hands of the best people for the job.

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New  Tempus Timesheets

Timesheets is the latest feature to be added to Tempus Resource, letting end users and project managers alike gain better insight into how long it takes to get work done.

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Gartner Cool Vendor

“Tempus Resource uses powerful, real-time simulations to model project data. Whether you have one hundred or one thousand resources, Tempus Resource is simple to implement and easy to use.”

Labelled as a “resource management tool accessible to the masses”, Tempus Resource has been continually recognised by Gartner, including their Cool Vendor and PPM Hype Cycle reports.

See for yourself why Tempus Resource is different