Resource Request Workflows

“This system met our resource management needs around scheduling, planning and demand vs supply management.”

-Gartner Peer Review Client

With the best functionality on the market, Tempus Resource offers the visibility and control you need over resource requests.

Easy implementation

With unmatched speed and a request process that is fully integrated with your resource forecasts, implementing workflows takes just minutes. With a few clicks, and in bulk, you can:

  • Rapidly configure resource managers, reporting relationships, and which resources require approval.
  • Enable the resource request process only when needed, for the datasets and resources you choose.
  • Allow multiple resource managers into the approval process for any resource when you need wide participation.
  • Enable backup approvers to work on behalf of another manager in order to avoid workflow interruptions or delays. Backup approver actions are carefully tracked and logged for auditing accuracy.
  • Maintain an accurate account of when generic resource requests have been filled by real resources, with automatic recalculations of remaining unfulfilled requests.
  • Allow multiple resource managers across different locations to retain their own non-overlapping resource pools and collaborate with a pooled resource approach. This way, a request that is not location-specific can be filled with greater flexibly.

Comprehensive resource requests

Assign a resource and enter an allocation, then let Tempus automatically generate resource requests for you. Approvers will receive color-coded requests to indicate their stage in the approval process, along with detailed request notes for consideration and review.

Process customization and flexibility

You control and customize your approval process requirements. Let resource managers work efficiently with automatic approvals, while retaining the ability to set threshold approvals for others based on a requests’ time, FTE, etc.

Visualize changes

With all your resource request data automatically logged in Tempus, project managers and other project participants easily stay up to speed. Resource managers can continuously update requests until they are fully satisfied.

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