Resource requests

The best resource requests functionality on the market

Tempus Resource offers all the visibility and control you need over your resource requests, from start to finish, to get work into the hands of the best people for the job, as soon as possible.

Tempus Resource

Easy implementation

Implementing your resource request workflows can be done in minutes, and the request process is fully integrated with your resource forecasts.

Comprehensive resource requests

Assign a resource and enter an allocation and Tempus Resource will automatically generate resource requests for you, color-coded to indicate their stage in the approval process.

Tempus Resource
Tempus Resource

Unprecedented speed

Resource requests include auto-approval and threshold-based approval to speed up the approval process, getting requests to the appropriate resource manager faster than ever.

Visualize changes

All your resource request data is automatically logged in Tempus Resource, so project managers and other project participants can easily keep up to speed.

Tempus Resource

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Effortless reporting

Produce resource allocation reports to answer those all-important questions from your boss and reap the cost savings.

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Marry up employee timesheets with project plans to make better time estimations.

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Temperature mapping

Heatmaps and coolmaps provide visually engaging insight into the over- and under-allocation of your resources.

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