Scenario planning

Resource capacity planning for every project scenario

Whatever situation your projects put you in, Tempus Resource keeps you in control. Working with your inputted data, or data imported from external systems, resource capacity planning guarantees greater visibility that elevates your projects from good to great.

Tempus Resource

Resource modelling

Projects change — staff become unavailable, deadlines tighten, and budgets are cut. Tempus Resource’s powerful modelling features let you pre-empt and prepare for the worst.

Resource forecasting

Resource forecasting boosts your project capacity planning, granting insight into where your projects may need some additional manpower, and areas that can manage a reduction.

Tempus Resource
Tempus Resource

‘What-If’ scenario planning

Test hypothetical resource scenarios with Tempus Resource’s exclusive ‘What-If’ analysis and visualize the perceived financial and timing impacts of altering your projects.

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Extensive platform integration

Tempus Resource is compatible with the world’s most popular PPM and RPM platforms.

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Effortless reporting

Produce resource allocation reports to answer those all-important questions from your boss and reap the cost savings.

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Temperature mapping

Heatmaps and coolmaps provide visually engaging insight into the over-and-under allocation of your resources.

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