10 Biggest Reasons to Avoid Spreadsheets in Resource Management

July 15, 2020 | By Sean Pales

We use spreadsheets because they’re easy. Getting started, setting up, inputting data—the simplicity is alluring. But within the simplicity of spreadsheets lies so many failure points—many of them costly, time-consuming, and embarrassing.

Resource Management has become a central feature of organization-wide strategic planning and execution. And many of the powerful tools and features that Resource Managers need simply aren’t feasible if your organization is using spreadsheets.

In this whitepaper, we will review:

  • The 5 core problems caused by spreadsheets that can’t be solved with workarounds
  • How to enable multiple resource managers to identify and track changes by user for validation and auditing purposes
  • The power of analyzing data to determine where resources are overextended or underutilized — and why spreadsheets make it impossible to identify trends over time
  • And more!

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