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4 Project Management Failures and Examples: Key Learnings

July 7, 2021 | By Greg Bailey

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Did you know that 55% of businesses experience failed projects? Unsurprisingly, most are due to mistakes, communications break downs, and deadline and budget changes.

Worse yet, nearly 1 in 5 large-scale IT projects fails so badly that it can actually threaten the future of the company!

But if every project begins with good intentions and a goal in mind, what exactly leads to their failure? How can a project get so far off track that it can put a company’s future in jeopardy?

In this whitepaper, 4 Famous Project Management Failures and What to Learn from Them, we will identify the root cause of these project failures. Then, we’ll explore how project managers can avoid making the same fatal mistakes.

These examples each involved a vast sea of moving parts and required a high level of coordination between many people and teams. The right resource management solution can provide what each of these major project failures lacked: insight for project managers into every step of the process for greater control over the timeline and final product.

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