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Adopting and Assessing Tempus Resource

August 31, 2020 | By Greg Bailey

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“Thanks to Tempus Resource, issues with resources now become visible—issues we had never known about in the past. We now have plenty of opportunities to further improve and advance.”

Christian Rickenbacher, Process Manager, iART

Most tools on the market today no longer fit the rapidly diversifying needs of project portfolios or the flexibility requirements of most agile organizations. When it came to choosing a resource management solution, iART realized that using a one-size-fits-all tool would have required “a lot of compromises dictated by features rather than our needs.” On the other hand, a tool requiring multiple integrations would have created far too much complexity.

Christian Rickenbacher, iART’s Process Manager, notes that unlike most other tools, Tempus Resource “focuses on what iART needs most—resource planning.”

Within a few months, iART completed a proof of concept phase, which focused on testing, learning, and adapting iART’s scope to additional features and industry standards. With a core team of future power users (project owners), all of whom had varying levels of experience and a willingness to test new technologies, they created fast and efficient feedback loops.

“In addition to being agile,” Rickenbacher explains, “we had to be precise regarding the outcome. We defined a basic concept with corresponding questions and a clear target. The results of each assessment went through a cost-benefit analysis, too.” All in all, iART defined requirements and targets at a very high-level.

After completing pre-implementation preparations, iART went live with an initiation phase. A few optimizations later, iART was fully operational with Tempus Resource, having used the open API to seamlessly integrate with all other tools and applications. Looking back, Rickenbacher recalls, “it’s clear that iART could not move forward in our daily operations without Tempus Resource.”

Read the full case study for complete details about iART’s resource management pain points and the stunning results of their first four months using Tempus Resource.

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