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Secrets to Strategic Portfolio Delivery

March 8, 2024 | By Samantha Varner

Strategic planning and execution has become a central part of the portfolio delivery conversation. Historically, resource management has been the missing piece to true delivery. 

Resource management isn’t just another method or tactic to try. In fact, it’s the secret sauce that turns strategic visions into tangible outcomes. Let’s dive into why.

Setting the Stage for Strategy Execution

Comprehensive strategy execution starts with setting a clear vision and defining the desired outcomes. You can’t stop at identifying the necessary work — you have to thoroughly understand what work can get done. This may sound like a lot, but with resource capacity planning, it’s easily achievable.

Resource capacity planning provides a clear roadmap for what work can be accomplished while also delineating the specific roles or skills required and how much work is needed from each. By providing this actionable insight, resource capacity planning serves as the backbone of strategic portfolio planning. 

Understanding the Path to Successful Delivery

By enabling you to compare the work required to your team’s capacity, resource capacity planning illuminates the path to success . But why is this so important for project delivery?

First, this comparative analysis clarifies which projects are feasible within given timelines and resource constraints. Second, it highlights potential risks and bottlenecks, giving companies the ability to upskill or hire long before a resource constraint becomes an issue. When you’re able to make informed decisions that align with strategic priorities, you can ensure resources are allocated as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Resource Capacity: The Currency of Strategic Delivery

Resource capacity is the currency to strategic delivery. After all, a project without a resource plan is just a hope. No amount of task management and setting project milestones can give you the long term visibility like resource management can. 

It’s the difference between operating in the dark and having a well-lit path that guides your decision-making processes. And with the flexibility and scenario-analysis tools you find in powerful resource management platforms like Tempus Resource, you can always readjust and reallocate as necessary to meet strategic goals.

As you navigate the complexities of project and portfolio management, remember that leveraging resource management is the key to unlocking true strategic execution. When you know exactly what it will take to execute the necessary work, you can make your visions achievable and your outcomes successful.

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