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TDS Case Study

June 6, 2024 | By Samantha Varner

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Telephone and Data Systems (TDS) is a Fortune® 1,000 company. Before Tempus, TDS’s IT leadership was overseeing its Resource Management through Excel spreadsheets. It was a very manual and time-consuming process that left the door open for errors and inaccuracies. Their team needed to identify a new method to ensure that they were effectively and efficiently tracking resources, allocating their time correctly, and not overwhelming staff with too much work. Most importantly, the team recognized they needed to ensure they were conducting their Resource Management effectively, with on-time project delivery and meeting the needs of the business.

Daniel Neugart, IT Portfolio Resource Analyst with TDS, explained the need to move to a platform that focuses solely on advanced Resource Management. After experiencing the team using Excel for resource planning, “I think using Excel was a critical step for us to take because it gave us a greater appreciation for what a tool like Tempus can offer. We had to go through a learning curve of what we think we need for Resource Management. We initially thought we would use Excel, and that step would help us reaffirm to ourselves that there might be a better way to do resource planning. We went out and did a little bit of shopping around. We landed on Tempus.”

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