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Why User-Friendly Software is Important in Resource Management

May 6, 2019 | By Sean Pales

Portfolio managers are only as strong as their data. Tracking budgets, timelines, and overall project progress require ongoing data entry, a necessary task that can be a cumbersome, and sometimes limiting, process – but only if you allow it.

Choosing the right resource management software with an intuitive user interface (UI) – one that fits your organization’s needs and feels as natural as your workflow – makes data entry and resource planning fast, efficient, and easy to use. When staff feel confident using a resource management tool, they are more inclined to explore and maximize the tools a multifaceted system can offer. Below are four features to consider when choosing Resource Management software.

1) Fast, simple data entry

In the resource management industry, time and efficiency are of the essence. With multiple projects to manage at once, maintaining steady sights on all your moving parts requires a resource management platform that allows for quick, easy data entry across projects. Since a heavy portion of tracking efforts industry-wide are performed in Excel, look for software with similar functionalities to avoid additional time and resources needed to learn a new software program.

2) Ability to import existing data

Your current data entry efforts should not be for naught when upgrading to a new, more robust resource management platform. Seek user-friendly software that speaks the same language as your existing data and can easily transfer your up-to-date information into its platform. That way, none of your data throughout the transition will be lost or compromised.

3) Seamless integration

Even if your company is already committed to a PPM platform, having the ability to customize your resource planning capabilities – without completely jumping ship – gives you the option of dipping a toe in the water to test additional functions your current provider may not offer. A flexible software option easily links to outside platforms so companies can fulfill a well-rounded resource management strategy.

4) Reporting capabilities

Decision makers seek clear, to-the-point results in a visually pleasing, easy-to-read format. While basic platforms have rudimentary reporting tools, search for resource management software that offers a variety of options to illustrate your project updates and business goals. As an added benefit, showcasing your data in a variety of ways invites multiple interpretations of the information presented and an opportunity to bring further understanding of your reporting to light.

User-friendly traits of Tempus Resource UI

Tempus Resource software is all about the customer experience. Every function and capability have been designed with the end-user in mind, with a concentrated effort on ease-of-access for staff of all levels of expertise.


While Tempus Resource’s offerings are more comprehensive, the interface acts and responds like Excel. Since most Resource Management professionals are already proficient in Excel, Tempus Resource feels like second nature.


Whether uploading current data or joining forces with an organization’s existing resource management software, Tempus Resource can connect with any PPM tool on the market. Integration capabilities with Microsoft Excel, Project Online, CA Clarity, JIRA, One2Team, ChangePoint, Planview, Workfront, Smartsheet, and ServiceNow to name a few, give businesses the freedom to create solutions for their resource management needs as they see fit.

Professional reporting

From bar charts to heat maps and everything in between, Tempus Resource adapts to an organization’s specific reporting needs. The unique drag-and-drop report builder empowers users of all abilities to create memorable, meaningful reports that are polished, straightforward, and easy to understand.

To learn more about Tempus Resource’s capabilities and the full scope of resource management tools, reach out to our team today.

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