ProSymmetry Recognized in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting

What-If Scenario Planning

“With Tempus, we implemented a great solution to get full transparency and control all over our resources, capacities, and projects. With no other tool can you make Scenario Analyses to have a fast overview of the effects of new or updated project/resource allocations. And with Demand Planning, it's possible to see the expected impacted of initial or very early project plans.”

-Gartner Peer Review Client

When conditions change, decision makers need to know the impact of pausing, canceling, or delaying projects. They need to predict the outcome of laying off staff or onboarding new headcount. They need to discover what can be saved and what benefits can be achieved by moving projects or resources to different locations. They need to know how many projects they can or cannot perform.


The real power of Tempus Resource can be seen in its What-If analysis features that let you pre-empt and prepare for changes.

  • Test hypothetical resource scenarios with our exclusive ‘What-If’ analysis to visualize impacts on resources, projects, roles, departments, and your entire portfolio.
  • Rapidly assemble scenarios with your real projects, resources, attributes, timeframes, coefficients and assumptions.
  • Build limitless models and create copies to model future scenarios with your current knowledge—all without ever altering your live data.

Without altering actual resource forecast data or project plans, this scenario building laboratory can let decision makers ask near-infinite questions of their data, then receive actionable insights to formulate just as many strategic alternatives.


What-If I…

. . . approve a proposal?
. . . cancel a project?
. . . cancel a portfolio?
. . . move a project out?
. . . move a project back?
. . . link projects together?
. . . delay an initiative?
. . . move a project overseas?
. . . hire more people?
. . . terminate existing resources?
. . . reassign resources?
. . . expand a project?
. . . contract a project?
. . . (want to) do more projects?
. . . (want to) do fewer projects?

With immediate “What-If” answers, organizations can adapt and prepare for alternative scenarios, while fully informed about crucial elements like resource interdependencies.

Today’s resource management tools are often too inflexible, too abstract, or too brittle. Organizations can’t afford incorrect capacity estimations or working without insight into diverse resource loading strategies.


Tempus Resource also offers a groundbreaking total capacity “What-If” feature that allows you to discover the maximum work your organization can handle before hitting overruns or breaching capacity altogether.

Ultimately, these kinds of informed insights are what key decision makers need to gain strategic advantage.

That’s not all Tempus Resource can tell you.

Get even more answers to your resource management questions.

  • Where are my resources available?
  • How many proposals can we approve?
  • What do I need to start a project now?
  • When can I start a new project?
  • Where do I have skill deficiencies?
  • How many projects can I perform?

Resource modeling

Projects change—staff become unavailable, deadlines tighten, budgets are cut. Tempus Resource’s powerful What-If analysis features let you pre-empt and prepare for these and more challenges. Advance along the resource management maturity curve with proactive analytics and avoid the pitfalls of reactive resource planning.

Resource forecasting

Boost your project capacity planning with insight into where your projects may need some additional manpower, and areas that can manage a reduction. Using configurable resource attributes in conjunction with resource-level heatmaps, you can perform in-simulation edits to individual resource assignments and perform resource replacements.


Impact forecasting

Test hypothetical resource scenarios and visualize the perceived impacts on your portfolio. Real options will guide and inform the best path to achieving your organizational strategy. The Opportunity Map and Impact Assessment features help users quickly laser in on the key drivers of over or under-allocations.

Project cloning

Project cloning shows you whether your portfolio can handle new initiatives. Simply input assumptions to see the effects of new projects with increased complexity. Cloning past projects or initiatives lets you perform in-simulation estimations and adjust levels of complexity while preserving historical resource distributions.



Visualizations by role, department, or skill let you drill down into individual resources with heatmaps, supply-demand graphs, grids, and coolmaps that work alongside Tempus scenario planning. Organize your resource data using configurable attributes and gain unique insight into opportunity bottlenecks by hierarchically assembling your resource data.

Delta View

Delta View is a simulation change tracker that lets you see the effects of any portfolio-wide modification without ever altering your real data. Immediately see the impact of a single adjustment or the cumulative effects of multiple changes. Use integrated analytics and decision support tools to identify when new proposals can be initiated or where opportunities exist to better utilize your resource portfolio.


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