Project timesheets don’t have to be a chore

Timesheets provide added insight into the availability and allocation of resources, and how long it takes to complete tasks. By connecting Tempus Resource project timesheets to your existing PPM or RM setup, you can gain that added accuracy without moving your data.

Tempus Resource

Simplifying timesheets

Your workers can input their working hours for individual projects over days, weeks, or months, and also duplicate work from the previous week to pre-populate their timesheets.

Track employee hours against projects

View your planned and actual resources in terms of hours to better manage allocation, viewing ‘what we planned’ vs. ‘what we achieved’.

Tempus Resource
Tempus Resource

Use alongside your PPM software

Timesheets allow you to draw in resource data from your system of choice. When end users fill in their project timesheets, the data is automatically sent back to your PPM system.

Timesheets and reporting

Our workflow process facilitates rapid data transferal between applications. Project timesheet data can be linked back to reports in Tempus Resource, including PivotChart, PivotGrid and RAR Reports.

Tempus Resource

Discover more Tempus Resource features

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Scenario planning

Unique scenario planning lets you pre-empt inevitable project changes and make better decisions.

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Extensive platform integration

Tempus Resource is compatible with the world’s most popular PPM and RPM platforms.

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Temperature mapping

Heatmaps and coolmaps provide visually engaging insight into the over- and under-allocation of your resources.

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