ProSymmetry Recognized in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting


“Tempus Resource Management tool shows high usability and provides all necessary features for a valuable planning approach. The Timesheets functionality enables easy comparison of plan and actual data in one tool and is therefore relevant for business development.”

-Gartner Peer Review Client

Timesheets don’t have to be a chore.

Tempus offers simplicity, ease, accuracy, and real insights into your resource availability and time to complete tasks.

Ultra-flexible time entry can be logged by hours, FTE, FTE%, and/or man-days by managers or workers. Input time at the project level or at the task level, depending on the granularity you need.

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Streamlined and simplified entry

Streamlined and simplified entry allows workers to input hours for individual projects over days, weeks, or months. And they can prepopulate timesheets with previous weeks to save time.

Consolidated View

Tempus’ innovative Consolidated View feature gives you an aggregated view of any extended timesheet period, whether standard weekly, monthly, quarterly, or for any custom length or date range. You can consolidate hours into percentages, track percentage of time per month, percentage of FTE time per project, etc.


Track plans against achievement

Track plans against achievement, by viewing your planned and actual resource hours, allowing you to better manage allocation, make improvements, and adjust as needed.

Maintain audit integrity

Maintain audit integrity with work hours synched to projects and individuals and maintained in a separate ledger. Even if projects get cancelled or resources leave, Tempus will maintain timesheet hours from being deleted or lost.


Rapid reporting

Rapid reporting is always at your fingertips, with all data from any stage of the timesheet lifecycle immediately available for reporting. Also available for you are a number of Tempus’ built-in, predefined audit and status reports.

Plan for future time

Plan for future time with requests for administrative or vacation time submitted directly in Tempus timesheets.


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