ProSymmetry Recognized in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting

Microsoft Project Add-In

Integrate complex projects

Complex projects/programs often require the features contained in the desktop version of Microsoft Project. With the Tempus resource add-in for MP, project managers can seamlessly synchronize their planned and actual work with Tempus Resource.

Information at your fingertips

With the new level of integration the add-in for MP provides, PMO leaders can be assured that they all of the relevant information they need for project decision making and oversite resides in one tool:Tempus Resource.

Identify resource hotspots

With all projects in one system thanks to the MP add-in, it’s possible to find all the hotspots and delivery bottlenecks. This can drive increased insight into utilization rates across projects, and highlight skills shortages.


Visualize information your way

Supply and demand analytics come to life through shale charts, mountain charts, sand charts, and stacked bar charts can give you a complete picture of your resource supply based on your overall project and non-project demands.


Run what-if analysis

What-if analysis has been designed to support organizational leaders make the best decisions about how to sequence mission critical complex projects and program based on Tempus Resource’s state of the art resource capacity planning


Involve Senior decision makers

Tempus Resource’s What-if analysis enables decision makers to develop and save formal scenarios for portfolio optimization, workforce management and strategy execution. This capability can help organizations pivot more quickly because alternative have already been modeled.

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