Strategic Portfolio Management

Agree on which mountain(s) to climb

Strategic Portfolio management begins with a clear and visible strategy. Strategy doesn’t have to be monolithic. Multiple strategies are appropriate for large companies, one of which is always to maintain the revenue from current operations to pay for everything

Encourage business units to think through how to reach the “summit” by using business-oriented roadmaps

Focus on what needs to be done first for the highest return

Establish a business process that supports informed decision making.

What does each perspective contribute to the strategy? What are the risks? What are the dependencies? Is there a logical timing for the investment?

Do this for each strategy and for operations.

Use, cost, value, and resource availability

Refine using portfolio kanban

Ensure the plan is executable by assigning the right people during the resource capacity planning effort

It’s easy to forget that people aren’t just “plug compatible resources” Jane is in demand for a reason.

Tempus Resource helps you find the right person by searching on both skills and availability. It also helps you work with you people to develop new skills to meet future requirements.

Monitor Investment performance and use What-if forecasting to rapidly make changes so you can reach the “summit” in record time.

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