ProSymmetry Recognized in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting

Tempus Insight+

Powerful. Beautiful. Endless possibilities.

Tempus Insight+ is an advanced dashboarding and predictive analytic engine designed to provide Tempus users with an unlimited capability to visualize, report and drive decisions from resource portfolio management data. Tempus Insight+ standardizes and centralizes advanced dashboarding, report delivery, report-based alerting, report annotation and analytical insight.

With Tempus Insight+ all reporting constraints are removed. Reports can be auto-delivered to anyone in your organization and report-based alerting drive business agility. Get ahead of challenges with push-alerts. Know when projects, programs or portfolios have breached thresholds. Know when skill and resource deficiencies will drive new risks to delivery. With Tempus Insight+ increase control of your project portfolio and drive insights.


Advanced Dashboarding

With over 100 visualization controls and no limits on the number of embedded reports, dashboards created with Tempus Insight+ consolidate and simplify consumption of complex business data. Optimized for both desktop and mobile consumption, Tempus Insight+ dashboards look amazing and include interactive filters and slicers. Visualization suggestions, drill downs and linked reports offer stress free data-based story telling beyond any other embedded reporting available in the PPM, HCM, and workforce planning spaces today.


On Demand or Pre-Scheduled Report Delivery

Use Tempus Insight+ to distribute reports on demand or according to a delivery schedule. While users can quickly navigate to Tempus Insight+ dashboards through their web browsers, report delivery helps to drive adoption and consumption by relevant parties.


Event and Trend Based Alerting

Healthy and unhealthy project portfolios are constantly changing. Some changes are noise and immaterial while others may represent unacceptable risk to the project portfolio and or to the business. In such cases, taking action in a timely manner is paramount. In fact, imagine a capability where you could be alerted to these issues well before they materialize. With Tempus Insight+, you can preconfigure trend based reports that will alert individuals or groups of users to such changes and their associated risks.


Find the Information Hidden Behind the Data

Effortlessly find and act on trends identified using Tempus Insight+. Leverage predictive analytical capabilities to identify and minimize portfolio risks.

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