ProSymmetry Recognized in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting

Portfolio Kanban

Modern and Interactive Kanban

Organize your portfolio using dynamic and interactive Kanban views. Construct Kanban boards using any of your custom attributes with Tempus resource management.


Improve Portfolio Visualization

Kanban boards are intuitive and provide better visibility into project states. Use varied swimlane and cross section grouping to better visualize the distribution of projects across your enterprise.

Increase Team Collaboration

Choose who can view and interact with your Kanban board. Share with individuals or groups of users. Improve team communications and collaboration with a common view into work in process.

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Identify Portfolio Constraints / Bottlenecks

Gain insight into your portfolio velocity and set WIP min and max limits. Trigger conditional formatting when WIP limits are breached.

Dynamic Interaction & Productivity Gains

Move projects across cross-sections and across swimlanes. Simplify end-user interaction with drag-and-drop interaction.


Color Coding and Conditional Formatting

Add color coding to cards based on custom attribute values. Introduce work-in-process (WIP) minimums and maximums to trigger conditional formatting.

Enables Pull System

Implement lean techniques such as pull methodologies to only advance projects once slots become available. Tempus portfolio management with Kanban enables a range of powerful Kanban-based methodologies and techniques.


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