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Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution is focused on how an organization implements the plan contained in its strategic Portfolio. Historically operations work and strategic initiatives were treated as separate activities, which unfortunately left organizations trying to do too much work with too few resources. Today leading-edge companies understand that all their efforts rely on the same resource base and need to be managed in tandem. With Tempus’ integrated strategy execution approach, this is easy.

According to PWC 72% of organizations are focusing on increasing their agility to meet the challenges of the future.

To accomplish this goal companies are realizing that People are their single most important resource, because people are the source of all innovation and creativity.


If people are today’s most critical resource, then people need to be treated as scarce resources when it comes to balancing strategy execution with operational requirements.

Operational planning needs to be a seamless part of strategic planning in order to eliminate the chronic overscheduling that is causing employees to progressively disengage from jobs they used to love.

To keep everything in balance, resource capacity has to become the new “waterline” that organizations use to determine how much work they can accomplish.

Idea to Conception

Tempus’ strategic portfolio management offers companies a single easy to use tool that supports the entire execution lifecycle without getting lost or burdened by unnecessary detail.

Execution Lifestyle chart

Increasing the Agility of Your Strategic Portfolio Management Approach in Three Steps

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