ProSymmetry Recognized in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting

Audit Resource Management

Tempus Resource Combines Audit Scheduling, Staffing, Tracking and Staff Develop Capabilities In One Easy To Use Tool


Optimize your Annual Audit Plan

Use project level forecasting and demand planning (FTE) resources to ensure you have enough people and time to get the work done in the time allowed.


Assign staff members based on current skills and talents

People are more than their job title. Assigning the right people, with the right technical and soft skills can make an audit easier for everyone involved.


Fix the persistent problem of bottleneck resources

Every organization has individuals that are valuable in so many areas that they become “bottlenecks.” Since both the diversity and depth of skills make these individuals in demand, most organizations have tried and failed to “clone” replacements. A better approach is Skill-Teams assembled by using the skill repository feature in Tempus Resource. Take people who are almost good enough to become great, and allow the bottleneck resource to mentor their replacement team.


Improve soft skills and eliminate disengagement by involving employees in their own career development

Soft skills are not something most organizations are good at training. Invite your staff members to plan how, when and through what medium (classroom, web-based training, books) they wish to use to fill the gaps.


Flexible, embedded spreadsheets

Leverage thousands of possible calculations and rollup embedded spreadsheet data into Tempus reporting.


Always Know the Status of Your Audits

Track actuals and view remaining values of your project status. You can status projects directly in Tempus or via timesheets, integrations, Excel uploads—any way that fits your planning needs.


Use Tempus Insight+ to Find the Information Hidden Behind the Data

Effortlessly find and act on trends identified using Tempus Insight+. Leverage predictive analytical capabilities to identify and minimize portfolio risks.

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