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Resource Portfolio Management

Our ability to select and deliver projects is fundamentally determined by access to qualified resources. Without resources, we can’t do work, we can’t execute projects, and we can’t implement strategy. Resource Portfolio Management (RPM) is a business capability that seeks to most effectively utilize resources to deliver business strategy.

Executing business strategy depends on


the right people


with the right skills


using the correct plan and equipment


via effective business processes

“Tempus focuses on the problem we are trying to solve. While providing a simple workflow for the resource management, it has a great real-time functionality to enable Resource Portfolio Management on a next level. With the transparency we have achieved in less than 6 months, we now discuss projects very differently and can make better, more informed decisions.”

-Gartner Peer Review Client

How Resource Portfolio Management (RPM) Differs from Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), portfolio management can be classified into two major disciplines – portfolio resource management and project portfolio management.

All too often, project portfolio management (PPM) systems offer limited and inflexible resource management methods. Because of the limitations of managing a project portfolio, resource management can pose huge challenges and unpredictability to your process.


“What you want, as a portfolio or resource manager, is an optimized utilization of the resources you have, with ‘just-right’ commitments to get projects done and support existing applications. What you have is a tsunami of work requests to ‘get it done now,’ some ‘back of the envelope’ resourcing calculations and sliced-thin commitments spread out over a sea of work.”

-“Supercharge Your Resource Management to Support Advanced Organizational and PPM Maturity”

by Michael Hanford at Gartner Research


Whether the goal is to create innovation, drive transformation, or enhance product profitability in record time, your teams must become efficient practitioners of resource portfolio management to experience success. To do so, you need a specialized toolset designed with resource managers in mind.

Tempus Resource software offers simplified and flexible data capture capabilities and an innovative scenario planning feature set to analyze project carrying capacity and manage resource utilization through changing organizational demands.

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