ProSymmetry Recognized in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting

Resource Management

“Many vendors operate in the resource management space, but only one, Tempus Resource, has provided the agility and capability to accurately forecast and manipulate resource and project data to establish an ‘ideal portfolio scenario’ to help us drive the right business outcomes.”

-Gartner Peer Review Client

Every Tempus tool has been designed for efficiency, ease, and insight as you manage your resources.

Use big-picture and granular views of resource allocation to check your capacity, plan well in advance, and stay informed.

Create and edit resources with a few clicks. Specify users’ name, identity, and capacity, along with custom fields. Tempus maintains your data in a central resource catalog where you can view and edit individually or in bulk. Use Tempus custom views to find what you need, fast.

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Demand planning

Demand planning resources means you can plan without using named resources for early stage forecasting. This also allows you to simplify your resource planning practices while avoiding inaccurate or artificial resource forecasting.

Calendars and administrative time

Calendars and administrative time establish “non-working” or “non-productive” times to yield your Net Capacity and gain a more accurate view of your resources’ organizational capacity.



Heatmap your resource allocation to visually represent your resource capacity in heatmaps or coolmaps. You can easily identify the under or over allocation of resources and plan ahead, ensuring the most efficient and effective ways to maintain the health of your resource portfolio.

The Global Audit Log

The Global Audit Log tracks every change made by every user, with security features that prohibit tampering with users’ logged actions. In extensive detail, Tempus can show you the before and after of any change by cell, field, person, etc. You can set how far back logs are kept to meet your compliance needs, or you can let the audit log save indefinitely.



Forecast with flexibility, either by work, FTE, FTE%, cost, or man-days, and edit project-by-project or in bulk across your portfolio.

Skills matrix

Maintain a resource skills matrix with customizable competency measurements and ratings, plus analytic reports to help identify any competency gaps across your enterprise.


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