ProSymmetry Recognized in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Adaptive Project Management and Reporting

Resource Forecasting Tools and Techniques

“With no other tool you can make these scenario analyses to see the effects of new or updated project/resource allocations. And with the demand planning, it's possible to see the expected impact of initial or very early project plans.”

-Gartner Peer Review Client

Ease of use

Users love the Tempus interface for its ease of use and similarity to familiar spreadsheet programs like Excel. Our simple, grid-like UI with copy-paste and drag-drop features gives you ultimate planning flexibility. Plan by quarter, month, week, or day. Plan by hours, cost, FTE, FTE%, or man-days.

forecasting gif

Bulk forecasting

Plan project-by-project or use bulk forecasting to rapidly update extensive numbers of forecasts, with concurrent editing built in. You can also enable multiple planners, resource managers, or program/project managers to work with your data at the same time and use real-time heatmaps.

Project-level forecasting

Project-level forecasting keeps you out of the weeds. In early stages or for projects not requiring detailed breakouts, you can keep planning at a high level and avoid wasting time with unnecessary details until you’re ready for them.



Snapshots capture your plans at any point or interval, so you can compare and move forward with ease and insight.

Real-time heatmaps

Real-time heatmaps update as you make changes, offering global views based on how each resource is allocated across your portfolio.



Track actuals and view remaining values of your project status. You can status projects directly in Tempus or via timesheets, integrations, Excel uploads—any way that fits your planning needs.

Control Access

Exercise complete governance over forecasting by enforcing your planning units of measure and timeframes. Leverage your security model to control access and editing permissions.


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