“The actual implementation was really easy. Data migration and setup of the environment was a matter of days.”

-Gartner Peer Review Client

Tempus Resource offers the most comprehensive selection of integrated resource management options on the market. No matter where your resource management data is currently stored, Tempus can harness it to give you advanced insight and management of your resources.

Our scalable API lets you build your own integrations on its API, so you have every integrated resource management option available to you. And our flexible architecture is built around bridging resource management with popular PPM tools, allowing you to integrate their current system into Tempus with ease.

Comprehensive Excel Integration

If you need a more sophisticated, enterprise-level toolset for resource management, Tempus Resource can quickly import your Excel data so you can start applying advanced resource management techniques immediately.

You can also import and automatically structure templates to further streamline Excel integration, and you can track every import with Tempus Resource’s audit and collision detection tools.

Whatever shape your resource management solution needs to take, Tempus Resource can mold to your business needs. Here are just some of the PPM systems that integrate with Tempus Resource:

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