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Resource Capacity and People Planning

Combine the skills of your people with their availability and portfolio demands in order to see the big picture. Tempus makes it easy to assess whether you have the skills available to complete the projects your portfolio requires while you’re still in the high-level planning phase.


Strategic Portfolio Management

Produce one or multiple strategies that are clear, visible, and—above all else—executable. Tempus enables you to search by both skills and availability so you can allocate and assign the right resources to maximize value.


Efficient Project and Audit Planning

Always know whether you have the people necessary to complete the work in the time allowed by using project level forecasting and demand planning, role specific resources. In early stage forecasting, demand planning resources allows you to plan without using named resources. This both simplifies the process and avoids inaccurate or artificial resource forecasting.

What-If Scenario Analysis

“Can we do this work?” “When can each project/audit start?” “Do we have enough people with the right skills to complete this portfolio?” “Are our people over utilized?”

What-If analysis is a scenario-building laboratory that gives you immediate answers without altering actual resource forecast data or project plans. Test an unlimited number of hypothetical scenarios to optimize the portfolio during planning as well as respond to inevitable changes to projects, resources, attributes, timeframes, coefficients, and assumptions down the road.


Advanced Reporting and Dashboarding

Experience an unlimited capability to visualize, report, and drive decisions from resource portfolio management data. With Tempus Insight+, users have an advanced dashboarding and predictive analytic engine right at their fingertips. There are over 100 visualization controls and no limits on the number of embedded reports to turn even the most complex data into valuable, intuitive, and actionable reports.


Replace Excel

Many organizations start their project and resource management journey with Excel. While it’s easy to input and store data, the software lacks any ability to evaluate resource allocation or analyze data. With features like Flatgrid views, multi-user interfaces, concurrent editing, and more, Tempus provides the same ease-of-use as Excel with game-changing functionality.

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