[Donna Fitzgerald Video Series] Video 6 of 9: Quantifying the Value of Strong Resource Capacity Planning

Tune in to the sixth installment in our 9-part video series with renowned resource management expert, Donna Fitzgerald.

As the Executive Director at NimblePM, Donna Fitzgerald has over 39 years of experience in product development, operations, implementation and research. Prior to founding NimblePM, Donna spent ten-years with Gartner Research as lead analyst in the PPM space where she covered a range of critical topics including IT resource capacity planning, demand management and strategy execution. Donna is widely regarded as a premier thought leader in the resource management and project portfolio management spaces.

In this video, Donna explains how to communicate the value of resource capacity planning to management even when you’re dealing with politics and biases. You’ll also learn:

  • How to frame resource management value in terms that management clearly understands
  • Why you should communicate in terms of completed delivery
  • The process for sequencing project delivery to accomplish more absolute work

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