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[Video] Tempus Resource: Purpose-Built Resource Forecasting and Capacity Planning

September 16, 2020 | By Greg Bailey

The business environment is more fluid than ever before, and the resulting unpredictability is altering historically relied-upon resource planning and forecasting strategies. This makes the drawbacks of PPM software solutions and spreadsheets more evident than ever.

Tempus Resource is a next-generation resource portfolio management solution available in the cloud or on-premises. Uniquely, it provides actionable intelligence to resource managers through an array of real-time modeling, “what-if” simulation capabilities, and flexible planning and forecasting interfaces.

Discover why Tempus Resource’s purpose-built resource forecasting and capacity planning platform is regarded as the “resource management solution accessible to the masses.”

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Transcript: Purpose-Built Resource Forecasting and Capacity Planning

Today’s organizations face a wider range of challenges than ever before. Markets are interacting more dynamically; technology is changing the rules of the game; and economic, geopolitical and social shifts are bringing about unexpected developments.

The business environment is more fluid than ever before – experiencing unprecedented changes in compressed timeframes. The resulting unpredictability is altering historically relied upon resource planning and forecasting strategies. Current realities require tools and methods to rapidly alter trajectories and resource planning strategies with the essential, fundamental, need to ask “WHAT IF?” and formulate strategic resource planning options through scenario planning.

Given the demands of today’s business environment, the drawbacks of PPM software solutions and spreadsheets are more evident than ever and can no longer be ignored. Causing breakdowns between resources, project goals and, in the end, the company’s strategic vision, there’s a pressing need to find an alternative. Something needs to change.

>>>Enter Tempus…

Tempus Resource is a next generation Resource Portfolio Management solution available in the cloud or on premise. Uniquely, it provides actionable intelligence to resource managers through an array of real time modeling, what if simulation capabilities and flexible planning and forecasting interfaces. Tempus Resource is designed to minimize the overhead of managing a resource portfolio while at the same time making available real-time scenario analysis capabilities previously unavailable to decision makers. Tempus Resource is modeled on extensive voice of customer analysis, so its functionality is driven from real-world experiences

The key outcome of any enterprise management solution is to improve strategic execution.   Because a company’s ability to deliver on strategy is almost exclusively constrained by access to resources, resource portfolio management is the most critical lever to unlocking your organizations strategy execution capabilities.

Resources determine what can and cannot get done.

This is why Tempus Resource is relied upon by many of the world’s leading companies.

Tempus is consistently included in a wide range of research reports centered on strategy execution, project portfolio management and resource management.  We have been named as an “Emerging Technology Vendor” and “Cool Vendor” in the PPM space by Gartner Research.  Tempus Resource is regarded as the “Resource Management Solution Accessible to the Masses” and is loved by clients as shown by 94% Gartner Peer Review rating and 91% willingness to recommend rating.


Tempus Resource specializes in capabilities where other PPM and related systems fail.

Features like resource-based what-if analysis…image

Bulk and concurrent project editing…image

Real-time heatmapping…image

Skills matrix management…image

And purpose-built report writing…image

With your data loaded to Tempus, you instantly unlock powerful capabilities to transform your strategy execution and massively expand the capabilities of your PMO.  What if analysis functionality enables deep insight into your resource portfolio and the ability to respond in near real-time to decision makers.

View and understand the levels of under and overallocation.

Identify the projects and resources causing bottlenecks.

Understand the effects of project approval, cancelation, date shifts, schedule expansion or contraction.

Know when projects and proposals can happen based on current and expected resource pool constraints.

Know how many new projects your organization can perform in future periods.

Gauge the impact of headcount reduction.

Tie your what-if analyses to reporting interfaces to drive access to consumable and actionable portfolio insight.

Create powerful and intuitive reports using Tempus’ purpose-built report writers.  Provide decision makers and stakeholders with the information they need in real time.

Drag-and-drop report writers make building reports a simple task not requiring integrations, data scientists or professional services.

Utilize pivot-table and pivot-chart style report writers to drive adoption amongst users familiar with similar spreadsheet-style reporting tools.

Create intuitive supply-demand analysis reports by dragging-and-dropping datasets to build stacked bar, shale or mountain charts.

Link your supply-demand analyses to your what-if simulations and perform powerful portfolio analysis and project prioritization.

Combine reports into multi-panel displays to create dynamic dashboards.

Wrap security around reports and build folder structures to organize your reports.

Getting started with Tempus is simple and easy.  All of your existing data can be quickly imported to Tempus using built-in Excel import functions.  Don’t lose the value of the data your organization has assembled, simply migrate those data to Tempus to transition from a distributed, unmanageable, collection of spreadsheets to a robust enterprise solution.

In Tempus, everything starts with the Resource Pool.  Remember, we are a resource forecasting and capacity planning platform, so the resource is pretty important!  Manage your resource data inline or with bulk inline editing features.  Drill-down to modify resource attributes, or update capacity settings or update resource skill matrices.  With Tempus’ flexible security model, choose how data are updated.  Are changes managed by administrators, resource managers or by the end users themselves?  With Tempus, all aspects of resource management are flexible and adaptable to your organizational needs.

Navigate through your project inventory using configurable, portfolio-level, grid, Gantt and Kanban-style views.  Create New projects in Tempus directly, upload from Excel, easily synchronize from external systems using pre-built connectors,  or use Tempus’ REST-based API.  Setting up new projects is simple.  Clone from existing or start new.  Set attributes specific to your organization.  Leverage security to control access to fields and interfaces.

Build forecasts simply and easily using spreadsheet-like interfaces.  With Tempus, plan at the project level using names or role-based demand planning resources.  Plan by quarter, month, week or day and input planned allocations using a variety of measures such as hours, costs, FTE, FTE% or mandays.  Centrally manage how forecasts are captured and leverage security to enforce your planning and forecasting requirements.  Take snapshots at any point during your project lifecycle to evaluate your performance.  Draw comparisons by project or across your entire portfolio.

With Tempus, edit forecasts on a project-by-project basis or in bulk using specialized planning interfaces.  Our bulk project allocation grids vastly improve planning and forecasting productivity by allowing end users to concurrently edit forecast data while displaying dynamic heatmaps in real time based on cross project allocation.  Tempus simplifies the forecasting and planning processes with consolidated bulk planning interfaces your end users will actually use.

Tempus includes resource management functionality not found elsewhere.  With resources assigned across – potentially – dozens of projects, managing re-assignments or handling furloughs, retirements, re-organizations or staff reduction can be cumbersome.  With Tempus, use built-in features to conduct system-wide re-assignment while retaining all historical data.

For more advanced or approval-based planning processes, Tempus includes extensive resource request workflow functionality.  Implement resource manager-based approvals for named or generic resource requests.  Allow resource managers to make suggestions, recommendations or provide a negotiated response.  Selectively implement approvals based on resource groups, work status or employment basis. Supply detailed assignment-level notes and informational attributes to approving managers.  And, review project and resource attributes to determine request prioritization.

As projects progress through execution, additional detail becomes available.  Tempus enables high level planning at the project level with options to transition to a more detailed task-based approach.  Use Tempus’ advanced scheduling features to build fully networked project plans with multi-level hierarchies.  Utilize duration, work or unit-based planning.  Create task dependencies to auto calculate your scheduled dates and quickly identify your project’s critical path.

Having full trust and confidence in your resource management data is critical.  To ensure your ability to govern, Tempus includes comprehensive and tamper proof audit logs allowing end users to identify before-and-after changes at all levels.  Use security to provide select users with granular access to project or resource specific audit logs, while providing decision makers and the PMO with enterprise-wide logging.

Use Tempus to capture and manage actuals.  Input actual work, FTE, FTE %, Cost or Mandays by Quarter, Month, Week or Day using Tempus’ planning grids.  Alternatively, import and merge actuals using bulk Excel-based imports or synchronize data from external applications using Tempus’ off-the-shelf-connectors or REST-based API.  Extend the capture of actuals to end users with Tempus’ native timesheet functionality.  And, leverage Tempus’ reporting to compare actuals to plan or snapshot data.

Tempus also includes a dynamic and highly capable timesheet function offering unique capabilities including options to capture actuals by hours, FTE, FTE % and mandays.  Timesheets can be configured to non-standard timeframes, and the timesheet user interface supports bulk input mechanisms not offered by any competing solution. Workflows allow communications between timesheet submitters and resource managers and project owners.   Timesheets auto-load with planned projects and tasks but self-service time capture can also be enabled allowing end users to book unplanned support, maintenance or sustainment activities.  Tempus also includes PTO request option so end users can inform resource managers of non-working time.


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