[Webinar] Understanding the Impact of Work Stoppage and Headcount Reduction on your Portfolio

Tune in to our latest webcast as we discuss how to effectively determine and communicate to leadership the effects that work stoppage and headcount reduction will have on your project portfolio.

Externalities, black swan events, and geopolitical shocks all pose a significant challenge to business operations and project portfolios. As demand slows, the primary goal of a business becomes survival. This is accomplished by slowing or stopping operations, slowing or stopping projects, and potentially reducing headcount.

The goal of this webinar is to demonstrate how you can use Tempus Resource to identify the potential impact from any of these scenarios. You’ll receive a behind-the-scenes look at how our purpose-built resource management platform allows you to:

  • Rapidly assemble what-if scenarios.
  • Create new and/or clone existing scenarios to prepare a range of hypothetical models.
  • Incorporate your assumptions into your what-if model design.
  • Simulate the effects of headcount adjustments and project delays or cancelations without altering your live data.
  • Gauge the impact of your simulations on your resource portfolio using heatmaps, supply demand graphics, gap analyses and delta reports.
  • Consolidate what-if analyses data and live data into purpose-built supply-demand reporting tools such as shale/mountain charts and dashboards.
  • And more!

Access “Understanding the Impact of Work Stoppage and Headcount Reduction on your Portfolio” by filling out the form below.

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