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Why Should You Care About Taking Snapshots in Resource Management?

August 9, 2019 | By Sean Pales

Ever found yourself wondering when a project’s scope changed?

Or trying to remember when a particular demand for resources increased?

Or wishing you could audit a sample of your most recent projects to gauge how accurate your early-stage, high-level forecasting is on average?

There will always be a multitude of reasons why you may need to review project data from specific points in time. And that’s why we are so thrilled to introduce the Tempus Resource’s snapshotting features.

Go beyond scheduling

Generally speaking, if you encounter snapshotting capabilities in other management solutions, you tend to be pretty limited in what you can capture. You may be able to see snapshots of schedules, but even then, the snapshots are only focused on a single project. You’re left with a very small set of data to review and no way to compare that data across projects.

With Tempus Resource, snapshots can be taken in bulk and across multiple projects. Entire programs, portfolios and annual plans can be captured and snapshotted with only a few clicks. Tempus snapshots capture everything about your project’s current configuration – from financials to allocation and demand to headcount and project attributes. You’ll get a depth and breadth that can’t be found elsewhere.

Understand where changes happened

When a project progresses past a critical milestone, stage, gate or phase, it is best practice to capture a snapshot.

Over time, snapshotting will help you understand where and when deviations occurred, whether from budget, from forecast or from re-planning. Tempus snapshots allow you to easily refer back to previous iterations and see – in detail – the delta in labor forecasts, financials, project attributes and more over time.

This kind of review power leads to better insight and improved future forecasting.

Organized project data

With snapshots, you can easily review the progression of a project at any point down the road. No more trying to remember when something happened or hunting for an e-mail that triggered a change – snapshots give you exactly the insight you need and are always at your fingertips.

Additionally, should you ever be audited, the level of detail in your Tempus Resource snapshots will prove incredibly valuable – especially when paired with Tempus’ native audit logging capabilities.

A better way to track progress

The insight available to project driven organizations through Tempus snapshots can have a significant impact on future project planning and execution. By understanding how often resource demand within projects change – be it financials, allocation of headcount, or attributes – organizations can build better high-level forecasts and be better-prepared when changes do inevitably happen.

To learn more about how Tempus Resource can support your resource management operations, reach out to one of our team members for a free trial.

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