How Advanced PPM Technology can Drive Digital Transformation

April 20, 2018 | By Sean Pales

You must have been living under a rock for the past year if digital transformation hasn’t been on your mind. Being the most talked about subject in whitepapers and annual reports alike, every company, large or small, is employing modern means to save time and money. Now there are project management technologies to help you transform. Project managers want to simplify old-hat processes and executives want to assure shareholders they have invested in a company at the cutting-edge of the digital age. Either way, no-one wants to be the company who loses customers to competitors because they didn’t stay connected.

Don’t transform to die the day after

After spending a whole previous life as a caterpillar on the ground, a butterfly flies for about a week before suddenly dying. A premature ending to a fantastic transformation. Your digital one however, shouldn’t have the same fate. Digital transformation can be a complex procedure, one that established industries with heavy legacy software will find harder to execute.

The right digital transformation will produce powerful connections across departments and individuals. For example, an on-boarding process which is usually carried out by the IT department could actually be resolved by HR in a fraction of the time, which then bolsters productivity for the manager of the new hire. PPM technology presents these links in digestible terms, without hiring an analyst. A real game-changer for project managers everywhere.

Digital plate spinning project managers and PPM

‘Co-ordination’ is every project manager’s middle name, and the variety of tasks they must multitask daily is enormous. Imagine this as a scenario:

Amelia, a project manager, works for a renowned global company. She’s currently managing 12 projects ranging from API development to financial security, all of which are at various stages in their life cycles. One of the first things she does is open up her email client, team schedule, timesheets, instant messenger, and group chat software. That’s five separate pieces of software to flit between, for a task that could be as simple as ensuring a project was closed off with the right document.

Amelia stops to focus on the tasks that need immediate attention – she consults her ‘to-do’ list. The only problem is 20 other people also have their own lists. Now there’s a conflict of personal methods to deal with. Will these other people try to enforce their own method just to keep track of their own tasks? Or will there be a need for multiple meetings about planning the best plan? There is a better solution.

Use resource technology to its full potential

If you use the right technology to its full power, you not only have the potential to execute a flawless digital strategy, but you gain so much more insight over the way you run your company. Using a sophisticated resource management tool you could see rates of project completion rise by 125%.

Allocate resources right at the start of your digital transformation project. Most conflicts arise from people misunderstanding their roles. This way, everyone becomes more accountable, producing greater transparency when assessing the results of your projects.

No more guesswork, use ‘What-if’ analysis for fool-proof success

Your digital transformation will likely require huge amounts of planning, which means resources will have to constantly be re-jigged for better outcomes. Whether that is the allocation of people, the splitting of tasks or the spreading of budgets. The consequences of such actions, however, are hard to predict. But ‘What-If Analysis’ gives you the power to do this.

Suddenly, you’re not worrying about whether a new hire could help complete a project sooner. Tempus Resource has a ‘What-if Analysis’ feature that helps you to plan for scenarios in real-time.

Gain Invaluable insights into the way you work

Having deep visibility over each task within your strategy even has its benefits post-project completion. Retrospective meetings usually focus on two major themes; ‘what went wrong’ and ‘who’s to blame’, and both are counter-productive to any future success. With the insights that a good resource management tool can give you, you can replicate the parts that went well and determine the reasons for any failures.

Uncover the weakest link

Huge digital overhauls need great project management. Old processes could end up being redundant in this new climate so placing new resources intelligently will ensure the perfect execution. Tempus Resource lets you try out hundreds of scenarios, so you can see who, when, and when works best.

Employ Tempus Resource for better peace of mind

Tempus Resource is a resource management solution that casts a powerful lens over your company, people, processes, and tasks. Giving you a granular view over who does what and how they do it. The best part is, you’re then able to directly correlate even the smallest of processes against how much time it takes and how much this is costing you.

Bringing simplicity and scale to your resource management, Tempus Resource is easy to implement, whether working alongside your current PPM software or as a standalone resource management tool. It also has the power to enable sophisticated resource management no matter your organizational size or project requirements. And maybe that’s the biggest benefit of all.

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