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How Tempus Resource Brought a Media Architecture Firm New Flexibility and Innovation

August 28, 2020 | By Samantha Varner

“Innovation, by nature, means you cannot plan everything in advance.”

-Christian Rickenbacher, iART

Resource Planning for Highly Diverse Skill Sets

iART has a truly unique business model. The international studio for media architecture, located in Basel, Switzerland, is comprised of highly specialized artists, engineers, and technicians.

When it comes to resource management at iART, resource substitution is extremely complex. And they require ultimate flexibility for resources who bring diverse skill sets to multiple, concurrent projects.

With the past year’s exponential growth and new client demands for more project flexibility and changes, iART needed a powerful resource management tool. Adding to their complex needs, iART’s project portfolio contained a large number of heterogeneous skill sets and competencies.

Christian Rickenbacher, iART’s Process Manager, explained the firm’s challenge of balancing continuous innovation with resource planning. “Our ongoing challenge is to be as flexible as possible, as well as capable of reacting to changes, particularly when it comes to resource planning.”

Their resource management transformation began with optimizing the process landscape. Once that was underway, “we quickly realized that without a resource management tool, we wouldn’t reach the finish line.”

In the fall of 2019, iART looked to Tempus Resource as a reliable resource planning tool that could also serve as a foundation for ongoing business optimizations. “We explicitly decided not to look at tools that dictate our path,” Rickenbacher explained.

Once iART decided they needed to first “find, define and institutionalize a governing body responsible for resource management and the project portfolio,” they let their new processes and requirements lead them to the best tool.

Read the full case study for details about how iART found, adopted, and assessed Tempus for their Resource Management, media architecture and project management needs.

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