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Resource Management Depends on Scenario Building & Planning

August 4, 2020 | By Sean Pales

In managing complex, long-term, and concurrent projects, it is an organization’s resources that will be crucial for design, organization, and successful completion. In our last 2 blog posts, we touched on the pain points an organization without resource management often feels, and several foundational principles for establishing and maintaining a resource management strategy.

Our recent white paper also delves into one of the most essential components of resource management: scenario building and scenario planning.

Charting a Course with Confidence

Why invest in scenario building and planning?

The practices of scenario building and scenario planning can help organizations see their projects and initiatives in a larger context, and as part of a comprehensive strategy.

Download our free white paper for in-depth research on:

  • Important distinctions between “scenario building” and “scenario planning.”
  • How scenarios actually change and improve organizational function and reduce bias and groupthink.
  • The best kinds of scenario tools to keep information simple, actionable, and focused on resource capacity planning.
  • The kind of data and forecasting most valuable in preventing resource overload and diminished productivity.
  • How to use generic roles in resource capacity planning and management.

“Scenarios are internally coherent pictures of possible futures . . . They can dramatize trends and alternatives, explore the impacts and implications of decisions, choices, strategies, and provide insights into cause-and-effect sequencing.”

“Advantages and Disadvantages of Scenario Approaches for Strategic Foresight” by Dana Mietzner and Guido Reger. Published in the International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning.

Scenarios can also serve as a key to understanding how to best steward and use an organization’s resources, make sound and informed decisions, and prepare for contingencies. Read the entire white paper to see what the research says a new kind of resource management should actually look like.

The Future is Resource Management (White Paper Abstract)

Project management that has long been oriented to tasks and deadlines is showing its age and revealing a pressing need for a new focus on resources. Using outdated tools that lock us into thinking only in terms of work packages and timelines is leading to organization-wide errors, overload, burnout, resource competition, project delays, decreased productivity, and missed opportunities for retention. This white paper uses the latest research in Project Management and Organizational Leadership to outline the causes and consequences of continuing to rely on outdated standards. This paper also guides us into resource management as the way forward for organizations seeking new tools powerful enough to allocate resources and build teams strategically, coordinate multiple complex projects, and build scenarios to enhance decision-making and invite creative thinking. Download the full paper for free.

ProSymmetry was founded in 2007 by passionate resource management experts. Since then we have continually strived to solve the resource management challenges that slow down, damage, and overwhelm organizations. We do this through our flagship product, Tempus Resource, which is used by Fortune 500 companies like Siemens, Airbus, Qualcomm and DELL, and was labelled a “resource management solution accessible to the masses” and was awarded the 2016 Cool Vendor by Gartner.

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