Strategic Decision-Making For Dynamic Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management today must be highly responsive, especially because decisions on project priority and funding directly impact organizational success.

PPM decision-making, however, is a deeply complex process with many environmental and human factors that can either boost an organization’s bottom line or derail it. When we understand PPM as a dynamic, sometimes even volatile process, requiring constant flexibility, it’s clear that we must enhance and support the PMOs decision-making in as many ways as possible.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • Decision-enhancing strategies that have demonstrated the positive organizational impact of continuously gathering and strategically incorporating data into every decision.
  • How to present real-time data to enable organizations to be fully transparent, identify and mitigate early-stage conflicts, and forecast for ideal resource allocation.
  • How to use data to compensate for and overcome human shortcomings and biases, allowing us to make decisions based on evidence and informed predictions.

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