Tempus Timesheet Deep Dive Feature Overview

September 23, 2020 | By Greg Bailey

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Customizable & Built for Agility

Simple and powerful

Customizable & Built for Agility

Flexible Tempus Timesheet Platform

In our opinion – and the opinion of hundreds of other enterprises, Tempus Resource is the simplest and most flexible timesheet solution on the market today. It is simple, sleek and easy to use, while at the same time massively configurable to meet the diverse needs of modern organizations.

Lower Barriers and Improve Adoption

The key to lowering barriers and improving adoption is making it simple to import data and making it quick-and-easy to submit time. Tempus does both. The Excel-based import tools allow organizations to rapidly migrate to Tempus and the modern, HTML5, timesheet interfaces make life simple for end users.

Achieve ROI Now

Hundreds of organizations rely on Tempus’ timesheeting functionality and have achieved significant ROI in days or weeks – not months or years. Tempus Timesheets can be up and running in an afternoon. Import all your data using Excel-based imports.

Dynamic Workflows & Approvals

Selectively implement auto-approvals and workflow-based approval processes. Deploy workflows for resource manager and functional manager approval or, introduce project managers into the approval process for project based approvals

Tempus Unlimited Timesheets

Track actuals against projects, tasks, and operational activities


Modern, Clean, and Simple

Tempus is a modern application. It was designed, developed, and brought to market with modern capabilities and user interfaces. End users prefer the clean, simple, and sleek experience over the antiquated and slow interfaces made available by other timesheet vendors.

Capture with Accuracy

Assignment projects and tasks will auto-appear on end users timesheets during the period planned. End users do not need to endlessly search for their assignments. Limit the projects and tasks an end user can book at a time to and avoid the governance headache of open-ended, search-heavy, timesheet system.

Book Time at the Project or Task Level

Allow end users to book time at the project level or at the more granular task-level. Flexibly control granularity available for time capture and if necessary, restrict time entry at the project or task level through administrative control.

Real Time Insight

Actual hours captured with the timesheet are immediately available in report writers according to status. Built-in governance reports can report on actuals at all stages of timesheet submission.

Self-Assign & Book PTO

Democratize end user time entry while enforcing critical processes


Self-Service Assignment

Default behavior in Tempus automatically routes assignments to end user’s timesheets. But what about situations where assignments and forecasts cannot be implemented in advance? How do you easily capture actuals for support, sustainment, maintenance, or other activities that cannot be planned in advance? Tempus solves this problem with self-service timesheet options. Multiple control points wrap governance around the process to prevent and avoid abuses. Users can self-assign and book actuals against allowed projects and activities.

Request Assignment

Allow end users to request assignments on specific projects or organizational activities. Centrally manage which projects and operational activities will allow for end user assignment requests. Utilize control points such as team association and date boundaries to govern the request assignment process.

Book Time Off

Your organization may require end users to request approval for time off. Tempus allows for an assignment request workflow to request new assignments or make requests for PTO. Implement an approval process to capture and track the planned or budgeted PTO and compare to the booked and actual PTO.

Choose How You Capture Time

Total flexibility in actuals capture

Choose How You Capture Time

Uniquely Flexible Units

Choose how you capture your time. Organizations work in different ways, why should you always be forced to capture your actuals in working hours? With Tempus, you can capture actuals in hours, FTE, FTE% and/or mandays. No other timesheet system provides this level of flexibility.

Uniquely Flexible Mode of Entry

The conventional timesheet interface is a standard week with entry available by day. Tempus changes all of this. Choose whether to allow entry by day, week, month, or quarter. Collapse timesheets to input one value and have it spread over the entire timesheet period. Or consolidate multiple timesheet periods together to view multiple periods at the same time and to better understand trends in time entry.

Functional and Project Manager Approvals

Prebuilt approval workflows for governance and authorization


Resource Manager and Functional Manager Approval

Implement your organizational breakdown structure and associate timesheet managers to resources. Submissions are routed to timesheet managers using a fully integrated and auditable approval process for project and nonproject related time.

Resource Manager and Functional Manager Approval

Project Manager Approval

Enable secondary workflows to allow project managers to review actuals which can be synchronized to forecasts.

Project Manager Approval

Achieve Objectives

Approved timesheet actuals can flow to projects and non-project and/or operational buckets to be compared
against planned or snapshotted forecasts.

Streamline Approvals

Quickly implement pre-built approval processes or leverage auto-approves for resources. Mix and match as needed.

Improve Collaboration

Capture actuals from end users without overly cumbersome, slow, ugly or outdated software.

Comprehensive Validations

Use validation rules to meet compliance requirements

Comprehensive Validations

Centrally Governed Rules

Control validation settings for the entire enterprise. Make changes to validation settings from one screen at any point in time to adapt to changing time capture requirements. Set timesheet minimums and maximums and configure daily allowable minimums and maximums. Utilize in-application alerting to notify end users who are out of compliance.

Ensure Compliance

Centrally managed and controlled validation rules ensure end users are entering time as defined by management. Violations are easily identified by end users through system generated messaging. Additionally, built-in analytics identify offenders and provide insight into trends over time.


Utilize built-in audit reports to identify an end user timesheet that falls above or below centrally defined thresholds. Use heatmaps to quickly identify non-compliant timesheets and to illuminate the status of timesheet submissions. Identify specific groups or users with filtering capabilities.


Utilize reporting and validation rules to improve the consistency and accuracy of timesheet entries. Improve the reliability of data used by project owners, resource managers, decision makers for project statusing and accounting.

Report Writers & Analytics

Purpose built report writers enable real-time access to your timesheet data

Report Writers & Analytics

Flexible Report Writers

Five built-in report writers make report creation simple and repeatable. Simply drag-and-drop your data to create visual or tabular reports. Tempus customers tell us our report writers are the easiest they have ever worked with.

Purpose Built Reports

In addition to our powerful, built-in, report writers, Tempus also includes timesheet audit and governance reports. Filters, heatmapping, exporting to Excel and PDF are included along with a range of additional reporting functions.

Integration with Data Warehouses & Leading Reporting Solutions

Do you have a centralized data warehouse? Do you leverage report writing solutions? If so, Tempus’ data can be quickly synchronized to a cloud-based or on-premise data warehouse.

Access Policies, Roles, and Permissions

Leverage robust entitlement management features

Access Policies, Roles and Permissions Screen

Access Policies

Tempus includes a robust role-based security model. As the premier resource forecasting and capacity planning solution on the market today, Tempus must adapt to a wide range of organizational designs including matrixed, multi-matrixed, flat, and hybrid structures. With Tempus, you can flexibly configure global roles and then utilize access policies to control and govern entitlements to projects, resources, and other objects.


End users will fail to submit time. Managers will fail to approve time. These are just realities of business. With Tempus, impersonation and bulk-impersonation make filling in for users who are out of the office or those who forgot to approve or submit timesheets simple. Impersonation sessions are centrally controlled and can be set to expire according to your organizational policies.

Exclusive Access

Tempus includes features to open and close timesheet periods. What happens when users fail to submit timesheets when a period is closed? With Tempus, administrators can grant select users exclusive access to submit their time even during a closed timesheet period. This avoids opening entire timesheet periods and risking changes to data or violating corporate policy in an effort to accommodate a small number of users.

Approvers and Managers

Utilize pre-defined fields to control timesheet approval authorization. Separately configure resource-to-resource manager association. Support both resource request processes and timesheet approval processes from one centralized system.

API & Integrations

Gain from past investments and enterprise enable your data

API & Integrations Screen

Pre-Built Connectors

Tempus ships with a wide range of connectors. Synchronize data to Tempus from leading project portfolio management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and human capital management systems.

Import from Excel

Rapidly import data to Tempus using built-in Excel based templates. Import projects, resources, attributes, planned and actual data. With Tempus, you do not need to sacrifice your legacy data. Simply copy the data to our Excel templates, drag-and-drop, and synchronize.


While end users can login to Tempus using application-specific credentials, Tempus supports both OAuth and SAML-based authentication providers. Leading solutions such as Azure AD and Okta are fully supported along with many others.

Modern REST-Based API

Quickly and easily build integrations with our modern and fully documented API. Whether you need to pull from or push to Tempus, your team will find what they need to implement near turn-key solutions.

Email Alerting & Notifications

Drive responses with product centric notifications and e-mail alerting

Email Alerting & Notifications

Configurable Alerting

Tempus e-mail alerting can be configured to fire in real-time using actions such as timesheet submission, approval, and rejection to trigger alerts. Additional options exist including options to provide follow-up reminders and notifications as well as summary notifications. Striking a balance between over and under-notification is important.

Real Time Insight

In-application alerting and e-mail-based alerting will provide end users and approvers will real-time, live, insight into Tempus e timesheet status. Use these alerts to drive communications and improve situation awareness around time collection.

Focused Reporting

Pre-built timesheet audit and timesheet governance reports provide managers with visibility into timesheet compliance and status. Utilize filters, heatmaps and a myriad of display options to tailor your insight.

Coordinate & Collaborate

Alerting, in application notification and focused reporting all support the end goal of improved collection and decision making around timesheet actuals. With so many mechanisms to communicate, your organization will experience improved coordination and collaboration with the help of Tempus timesheets.

Project and Bulk Project Forecasting

Forecasts how you want, when you want

Project and Bulk Project Forecasting Screen

Planning & Forecasting Options

As the premier resource forecasting and capacity planning platform, Tempus provides maximum flexibility for resource planning. Use Excel-like grids to plan at the project or task level. Plan at the quarter, month, week, or day level. Plan using hours, costs, FTE, FTE% and/or mandays. Use resource request workflows to gain authorization over resource utilization and take advantage of real-time heatmapping to gauge a resource’s availability throughout the planning process.

Bulk Planning & Forecasting

Unlike traditional PPM systems, Tempus utilizes a variety of bulk-planning interfaces. Instead of going project-to-project and making individual assignment updates, Tempus includes bulk project planning screens from which resource managers and project managers can create new assignments and edit existing assignments in bulk, all in one screen. Concurrent editing and real-time heatmapping improve collaboration and coordination across the enterprise.

Detailed Project Scheduling

Beyond the high-level forecasting grids found throughout Tempus, additional critical path scheduling functions are also available. Mix and match the planning and scheduling features of Tempus to accommodate various business processes. Or, allow high level forecasts to evolve from project-level to more refined task-based estimates.

Project Financials

Tempus is not just built for timesheets and resource forecasting. Tempus also includes comprehensive financial forecasting and planning features as well as a range of additional project-related planning, tracking and controlling features ranging from financials to issues and risks tracking.


Capture comprehensive snapshots of projects, programs, and portfolios. Conduct bulk snapshotting and align snapshots with administratively defined snapshot types. Snapshot forecasts, status, attributes, financial, and milestones. Compare and contract live project data to historical snapshots using Tempus’ s report writers.

Audit Log

Gain confidence in your data and processes

Audit Log

Global Audit Log

Tempus includes an untamperable global audit log tracking every change by any user. The global audit log includes names and timestamps for every action along with the before-and-after of all changes. Was a field changed? What was the value originally and what was it changed to? Changes to allocations, financials, and all other data are fully tracked for audit purposes. Audit data can be queried using a range of parameters and extracted to Excel or by the API.

Object Specific Audit Logs

Global audit logging data may be too broad for resource managers, project managers, and other end users. For that reason, Tempus also includes audit logs based on specific objects such as projects, resources, attributes, and other objects. Use Tempus’ security model to grant select users access to their resource(s) audit logs or project(s) audit logs.

Timesheet Logs

Set notes against entire timesheets or on a line-by-line basis. View the transaction history for any timesheet including saves, submissions, rejections, approvals, and retractions. View the user and associated timestamp for any and every action.

Financial Tracking

Gain insight into capital and expense spend

Financial Tracking

Financial Categorization

Categorize assignments according to a wide range of configurable financial categorizations. Associate projects, operational activities and assignments according to budgets, financial categories, and expense or capital allocations. Easily consolidate timesheet actuals and analyze by any financial categorization using Tempus’ built-in report writers.

Capital and Expense

Quickly differentiate between capital and expense. Utilize built-in search and categorization to associate timesheet actuals with the correct financial type. Use built in bulk editing interfaces to rapidly alter capital and expense treatment for resources, projects and assignments. Or, bulk import capital and expense settings from Excel or from your financial
system using the Tempus API.

Resource Rates

Associate financial rates to resources for labor cost calculations. Utilize planned, actual, remaining, budgeted, and timesheet actuals to form a holistic understanding of your labor cost requirements over any time period. Adjust labor rates in bulk using inline editing and inline bulk editing from Tempus grids or conduct imports to merge and
update resource labor rates using Excel import.

Resource Categorization

Utilize resource attribution to properly account for timesheet actuals. Utilize Tempus’ highly configurable attribution engine to associate resources to departments, regions, locations, budgets, areas, and any other attribute needed by your organization for financial tracking and management. With Tempus, you can quickly and easily add
and update new and existing attributes without limits.

Enterprise Governance

Centralized governance built for the enterprise

Enterprise Governance

Centralized Management

Manage all timesheet settings and configuration options from one, web-based, interface. Quickly provision timesheet periods and use bulk configuration options to instantly apply governance settings. Set validation rules, security settings, auto approval settings, approval workflows, heatmap thresholds, and a multitude of additional timesheet settings.

Timesheet Period Management

Create timesheet periods one-at-a-time or in bulk. Generate standard and non-standard timesheet periods including weeks, multiple weeks, months, and even quarters. Configure Temps to auto open/close timesheet periods based on a pre-defined schedule. Or, manually open and close timesheet periods.

Timesheet Views & Interfaces

Choose how end users will interact with timesheets and the available views including standard timesheet views as well as global views, collapsed views, and consolidated, multi-period, timesheet views. Conform to worker council regulations and enable or disable access to planned data for end users and or timesheet approvers.

Available Units

Select the default unit of measure allowed and accepted in timesheets. Choose from hours, FTE, FTE%, and mandays. Allow end user to choose their preferred unit or centrally define the default and allowable units.


To access the Tempus Timesheet Deep Dive Feature Overview, simply click the button below.

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