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Clients Have Spoken: Why Manufacturing Companies Choose Tempus Resource

September 6, 2019 | By Sean Pales

We recently reviewed feedback submitted through Gartner Peer Insights from our manufacturing clients to understand how Tempus has made an impact for organizations in this particular industry.

What we discovered is that many of our manufacturing clients have had similar experiences when choosing their resource management software partner, rolling out the new platform to their resources, and working with the Tempus Resource team for ongoing customer support.

Let’s review.  

Getting started

To understand why these companies chose to partner with Tempus, we first wanted to evaluate how companies in the manufacturing industry approach the resource management software selection process.

Manufacturing clients advise thinking through your company’s needs and gaining a clear understanding of your most important objectives before pursuing a software partner. To make the most informed decision, you should spend time mapping out your business processes before creating an implementation plan. Request demonstrations from multiple suppliers to compare tools and configuration processes fairly.

That way, your organization can enlist in the most appropriate services suited to your particular needs.

Weeding out the competition and making the call

Gartner Peer Review

Clients carefully considered their resource management software options by conducting their own research, sampling demos, and comparing costs, data tools, and methods of implementation.

Through the process, most manufacturing clients’ purchasing decisions were driven by two major factors: a provider’s product functionality and performance, closely followed by the overall cost. In both areas, clients felt that Tempus Resource provide the balance they needed and greatly outperformed other platforms in terms of performance, scalability and feature breadth.

The majority of clients eventually chose to work with Tempus Resource in order to create internal and operational efficiencies, as well as enhance the company’s decision-making ability. Processes that once took weeks or days to set up in other programs now take hours or minutes within the Tempus Resource platform. After just a short period of time, companies’ discussions about their futures already sounded drastically different as they gained the ability to make better, more informed decisions about the trajectory of their businesses.

Ready for launch

Gartner Peer Review

Manufacturing clients have primarily deployed Tempus Resource’s software at their locations in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Although rolling out brand new software to highly-dispersed teams could seem like a challenge, clients reported a very smooth transition experience with Tempus Resource.

Multiple clients shared an appreciation for the platform’s straightforward training for new users, intuitive user interface, and overall ease of implementation from start to finish.

On average, manufacturing partners completed their global rollout process in several months with attentive Tempus Resource technical support providing assistance along the way.

What-If scenario planning

Gartner Peer Review

From a function standpoint, what sets Tempus Resource apart from other players in the market is its unique What-if forecasting tool, the first of its kind among any resource management software.

Naturally, this real-time modeling function is the most popular among our manufacturing clients. Customers find it easy to see what projects their resources are currently assigned to and can quickly analyze the effects on workflow and productivity if allocations need to be changed.

Most clients were surprised that this state-of-the-art tool is included with the Tempus Resource software and is never considered an add-on for an extra fee.    

Customer-focused and support-driven

Gartner Peer Review

While each manufacturing client made their final decision for their resource management software based on their individual needs, the most common theme we found across reviews was clients’ appreciation for Tempus Resource’s exceptional customer service and technical support.

When clients had feedback regarding issues or how to improve a pertinent module, the Tempus Resource team was quick to respond with candid conversations that lead to fast, efficient adjustments or added features to a client’s platform.

Clients reported being able to feel Tempus Resource’s hard work throughout the customer’s onboarding process and beyond. They agreed that this level of individualized attention and care is unlike any other in the resource management software industry.

Interested in learning more about how manufacturing companies are finding success with Tempus Resource software? Contact one of our team members today to discuss the unique customer experience you’ll only find with Tempus Resource.

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